Ukraine still in control of major cities, Belarus could support invasion with troops | DW News

Ukraine still in control of major cities, Belarus could support invasion with troops | DW News

Notwithstanding its overwhelming advantages, the Russian military campaign in Ukraine is meeting stiffer-than-expected resistance from Ukrainian forces. What could the next stage look like? The Kremlin has declined to comment on details of the military operation, and its Defense Ministry is adamant that the campaign has been successful. A senior US defense official said there were indications that in the last 24 hours Moscow had become frustrated by slow progress due to the unexpectedly strong Ukrainian defense and failure to achieve complete air dominance. The UK’s Ministry of Defense tweeted that Russian military progress was stalling. The Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think tank, notes that Ukrainian resistance remains highly effective, despite the Russians’ huge advantage in firepower.

Analysts say that the Russian military leadership has been taken by surprise by the lack of impact its aerial campaign is having. “The Russian forces have a hard time suppressing the air defense and aerospace forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian forces,” Mathieu Boulegue, a research fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Program at Chatham House, a London-based think tank, told DW. The Pentagon believes that Russia has currently moved at least 50% of its forces into Ukraine out of an estimated 150,000 troops amassed at the border. It’s not just the regular army making inroads against the Russian forces but also volunteers who have formed militias and are arming themselves with home-made Molotov cocktails, setting up road blocks and removing road signs to confuse Russian troops.
Most analysts predict that the current war phase is just the first stage of a multi-pronged tactic and that the Russian military will now broaden the campaign.


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  1. DW needs to prove- prove- they want the US to support them or they might as well assume the same will happen to them. we will save the UK automatically and a few others but if the DW doesn't stand up then they will go through another annihilation. .

  2. NATO should bring in 5,000 Ukrainian volunteers in their territory for basic training with tactical for crash course then rotate them every week with new weapons aid

  3. Believe your government Russia. Fight for your mother land. It's true , the United States of America is trying to take over Ukraine, so they can invade your country. Putin is trying to stop them.

  4. They needed a distraction from the virus, so they are picking a fight with Russia. Well guess what big mistake for the America and there puppet state Ukraine

  5. Its cold in Ukraine. They have to keep those diesel engines running. That's one of the reasons they are running out of fuel not to mention food. Russian soldiers are getting tired not being able to sleep sitting in the back of those troop transports. The Russians will start to get desperate.

  6. 1 If you all haven't seen a documentary called… It's worse than you think… By revelations of Jesus Christ ministries… I suggest you do… All praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ

  7. Putin will order to use extreme lethal weapon against Ukraine to hold his reign, because he will be pressured to resign if lose war, USA and EU have to attack Russia before Putin use lethal weapon, it is breach of global treaty if Putin use lethal weapon. don't be afraid of WW3.

  8. So this is what I think. The 600 billion dollars of Russia Money that has been Frozen . That money should be used to Arm Ukraine against Russia. Use Russian money to fight Russia. Until Russia Stops the War. After they stop that money should be given to Rebuild Ukraine.

  9. I remember when Israel bombed Gaza, Ukraine and Ukraine President support Israel as it ok to do so. Now Russia is doing the same thing to you Ukraine. so how does it feel now ?? I do not feel sorry for you because you think it is ok to do so to others !!

  10. Meanwhile, russian terrorist troops continue to kill civilians, children, a family of four was shot at point-blank range with machine gun, they bomb schools, churches, hospitals, they using rockets and tanks to shoot at nuclear power plants. Some cities have already been demolished to zero.

    This was not the case with no one city, even during the Second World War.

    Doubts still remain as to who putin and russia are?

    Sometime ago, one person also did not dare to stop for a long time, but at one point it was too late to stop.

  11. There should be peace, but with Ukraine dictating the conditions to Russia, not the other way round. How can it be acceptable, that some nation invades another independent nation, kills civilians and then expects to gain from that? Such behaviour should cause them nothing but massive losses. The rest of the world should force Russia to leave Ukraine immediately, neutralise their nuclear weapons, pay for the damage they caused, and bring all their political and military leaders to Den Haag where they should be put away to rot in jail. Anything else cannot be called just. Anythoing else is not a solution.