Update on Ukraine-Russia Conflict #shorts

Update on Ukraine-Russia Conflict #shorts

A follow-up on our first video on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
#NotWhatYouThink #NWYT #shorts

Stellar Finale – FormantX

Russian Ministry of Defense


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  1. Krimea was Russia till 1954 when Nikita H. gave it to Ukraine. Russians mistake for not get it back in 1990 but belived Ukranians and USA. I mean how naive you should be to believe USA when you already had business with them in the past when you sold them Alaska for almost nothing and than later they finance Bolsheviks against you and than again they turn against those same Bolsheviks, Iran almost the same shit, Iraq also, Afghanistan. I mean really Ukraine you didn't learn nothing from others not even from Russia, now you know, don't trust USA because they are run by few families who really don't care about no one else except their own interests. Leave Homer Simpsons of USA to vote and think their votes count, Putin is very smart and you shouldn't fuck with him because when you fuck someone like him, he will go to the end, those who rules the USA could see that and don't wanna ruin what they were building for last 200yrs they have so much to lose and so little to gain that they don't wanna help you but they will use you to weak Putin as much as they can because Putin become very powerful and he's not in their little club or maybe he's in some other newer club of hyper wealthy

  2. There's a reason all the former Soviet states rushed to join NATO and EU …. It's called freedom. They and their people were tired of living as captives in a zoo controlled by just a handful of corrupt, hateful oligarchs.

  3. Oh my God the media never said anything about this. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe the media would lie. I can’t believe people are so dumb they still fall for their bullshit!

  4. No the main reason is the 8 yrs shelling of Ukrainians against the people of breakaway republics of Donbass (Ukrainians but Russian-speakers) which killed 14,000+. It was well documented by a French journalist. Their pictures and names were presented too but the West ignores it.

  5. The Dnieper River is not a canal, it's a river. Ukraine UT off the ethnic Russians who seceded from Ukraine. No one comments on the relentless shelling of the Do bas since they Seceded. If I was Putin, I would reroute the Dnieper River around Ukraine. I am for both sides. I want it recognized that Ukraine is dominated by neo-Nazis, that it isn't a democracy, the president jailed the opposing candidate, and shut down the opposition press. Our American government promised in 1989 to never bring NATO weaponry any farther East than the Iron Curtain wall.
    Russia is vilified, but how about all the despicable acts done by the Rothschild-controlled American military? Libya, Syria, countless instances. I want real news, not Orwell Ian double-speak. If I cheer our country, I want to cheer us for righteous acts, not criminality.

  6. Western subversive propaganda.

    That canal was built by Soviets not by someone else.

    Ukaraina region was made by the Soviets.
    For the common benefit.

    The Ukrainian industry was built and financied by Soviets
    for the common purpose.

    The nuclear silos were built by Soviets for the common purpose.

    The Ukrainian army was built by Soviets for the common purpose.

    Ukrainian nuclear power stations were built by Soviets for a common purpose.

    The Ukrainian integral infrastructure was built by Soviets for a common purpose.

    In other words, due to its own geopolitical aspects,
    Soviets had vastly invested in the Ukrainian region.

    Wester parasites, helped by Ukrainians traitors,
    just want to steal; everything is possible to be displaced.

  7. I am still very amused with this war going on. And the fact that the other country is getting multiple helps from others and I cannot wait to see the end results of this war.

    Even tho it’s a horrible war I am still amused and if anyone is mad at that then go ahead I really Don’t give two flying flukes about how mad you are about what’s happening

  8. Fun fact :malaysia sell raw water to singapore, the price only 0.10 usd / thousand gallons(contract for 100 year since 1960s. I think If ukraine sell raw water with price 0.5 usd/ thousand gallons or 5 time higher than malaysia's price this war wouldnt happen.

  9. Thanks. I keep hearing that Russia might be trying to establish a "land bridge" between them and Crimea, but I seem to remember Putin building a huge bridge to it. Google doesn't want me to find the article again, and it was a good while ago. But I remember NATO being pretty pissed. I was wondering what your thoughts on this might be. Just subscribed, now I'm going to binge watch. Lol