Watch live: United Nations General Assembly holds emergency meeting on Ukraine | DW News

Watch live: United Nations General Assembly holds emergency meeting on Ukraine | DW News

The Security Council voted on Sunday to call for a rare emergency special session of the 193-member UN General Assembly on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, which will be held on Monday.

The measure convening the General Assembly session was adopted by a vote of 11 in favor, with Russia voting against, and China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining. Today’s request for urgent by the Assembly comes after Russia vetoed on Friday a US-led draft Security Council resolution that would have ‘deplored in the strongest terms the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine’. Since the text was procedural, none of the five permanent Council members – China France, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States – could use their vetoes. The measure needed only nine votes in favor to pass.

Only 10 such emergency special sessions of the General Assembly have been convened since 1950, following the adoption of resolution 377A(V), widely known as ‘Uniting for Peace.’ That text gives the Assembly the power to take up matters of international peace and security when the Security Council is unable to act because of the lack of unanimity among its five veto-wielding permanent members.


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  1. DIE GLOBALISTISCHE HYPOKRISE Pinochet unschuldiger chilenischer Diktator und Assange WikiLeaks SCHULDIG?? Russland in der Ukraine Nein und USA im Irak JA für ? Genozid von Israel am palästinensischen Volk?.

  2. Zelensky should have replied: "NATO, that's for later", and Putin should have respected the sovereignty of the other country.
    Two senseless rulers who each destroyed the lives of their own people. Superb beasts

  3. wouldnt it be great to have an definition of "war", so that every Partie knows what they speak about?

    War is an intense armed conflict[a] between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces.

    maybe russian federation dont know that…

  4. 100000 TOP  RUSSIAN  OLIGARCHS control 90% of RUSSIAN ECONOMY & RUSSIAN BUSINESSES-AND THUS  ACT AS FEEDERS TO THE  RUSSIAN WAR MACHINE.Therefore to change the course of the war the following needs to be done right away- 1) Freezing assets of all those(ten thousands) OLIGARCHS,charging each one of them as War Criminals by convening NUREMBERG STYLE war tribunals(select judges from Supreme Courts of every nation on the Globe–trials should be clean fair & based on factual evidence}. 2)Publish List of all those 100000 OLIGARCHS.If governments around the Globe work together in arresting those OLIGARCHS responsible for this extermination of civilians & Locking them up–IT WOULD PREVENT FUTURE WARS)."MAN'S ENEMY IS NOT ANOTHER MAN BUT DEATH, DISEASE ,POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT,LACK OF JOBS LACK OF EDUCATION   PLUS CORRUPTION,  BROKEN FAMILIES DRUGS,CRIMINAL CARTELS——"..

  5. The UN's vision is to promote peace, justice and truth. Massive killings of innocent civilians cannot be discounted. Children, young and old have been bombarded with missiles and guns from Russia. When shall we learn the futility of war. ?

  6. America, Russia, China, France, Britain, India, Israel. They will be able to prevent World War III. With their weapons, human civilization will be destroyed. But it will not bring peace.

  7. FOR GODS SAKE!!! Somebody go INTO the KREMLIN and ARREST PUTIN already for WAR CRIMES…acts Of TERRORISM…Crimes against HUMANITY …Crimes against Animals…the LIST GOES ON!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND GO IN AND ARREST HIM!!!!!

  8. @ 2:15 The woman does not speak for me. I do not support the actor comedian of a junta government. He is largely ineffective at this stage anyway because many people don't realise he does not control the military, they won't take orders from him.

  9. An objective just hearing the same and the same..stop immediately the attack on Ukraine not killing innocent people and bla bla the reason for Russia's attack is just imperialism? Instead of concentrating about the reasoning of this attack they just repeating the same and the same that this attack is against the international law about the sovereignty of the borders for each country.. so whats the meaning of just saying stop immediately the war..and if not what?Its been more than a month and it continues..why the western channels haven't show the innocent killings and bridges of international law of US when they attack in Irak and other countries illegally??Why they are not answering to the reasoning of Russia and just repeating meaningless same things that they attack without any reasoning and to negotiate?Why don't they tell us why Nato put bases in ex USSR countries?Why they don't answer to the reasoning of the Russians and if is lies with we don't see any evidence of these attacks?Russian TV is blocked in youtube so there is censoring also from the westerns..If they want to find solucion should respond to the rout of the problem but it doesn't seem they concentrate to that.. the media don't tell us why Russia is attacking..i mean why the Biggest country in the world will want to extent its territory..doesn't seem any logic behind it.Was is good when NATO invade Serbia and killed lots of innocent people as well?Why there wasn't and emergency meeting then like now?