As huge Russian convoy advances on Kyiv, Ukraine urges the EU to prove their solidarity | DW News

As huge Russian convoy advances on Kyiv, Ukraine urges the EU to prove their solidarity | DW News


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  1. Щодня гине понад 700 українських воїнів та ополченців, втрачаючи дружин та дітей.

    А військові експерти повідомляють, що зараз почнеться руйнівна світова війна, якщо план Путіна буде реалізований і його вимоги будуть виконані, а при цьому Зеленський штовхає свій народ і свій комфорт заради влади.

    Крім вас, замість того, щоб вимовляти вам промову в схованці, щоб Україна мала від вас свій суверенітет і змилувалася над вашою армією, коли вона перебуває в розпаді

  2. The President of Ukraine should have learned the lesson of the Vietnam War. Relying on the West is suicide. he should work with Russsia peacefully. Ukraine is Ukraine. No Nato, nor EU would be Ukraine's ally, but Russia. Wake up and face the truth.

  3. I am so tired of the theatrics! Ukraine needs to understand that they have brought this on themselves by playing chess with the west. Now they are forcing the rest of the world to be drawn into their folly… not everyone is that willing!

  4. How do Russian soldiers feel about this? Killing your neighbour who shares your religion, identity, ethnicity and language is a world away to bombing some poor country on the other side of the world.

  5. ****** Xi Jinping: "If the enemy meets the enemy on a narrow road, the brave wins"
    This is a word that criticizes the West for being afraid and doing nothing militarily after showing a nuclear card.
    Will Trump be able to subdue the enemy if he encounters an enemy on a narrow road? In some cases, reckless actions can restore peace.

  6. UKRAINE and AMERICA who are pro ISRAEL are silent When PALESTINE is being attacked by ISRAEL Ukraine feels its country is made like GAZA by RUSSIA

  7. You are so naive… All over the year CNN and co. are lying to us and manipulating us but now all of a sudden we trust everything they show us in the news? Come on people, we better than that.

  8. Europe help please, do not stand aside!!! Send peacekeepers to save Ukrainian children !!!
    Ukraine has never been at war with anyone, we have never had terrorists organizations… Ukraine has always sent peacekeepers to different countries. And now we are waiting for peacekeepers from other countries!.. Libya, Sіria, Lemen, Gaza has peacekeepers from other countries – but no one has sent peacekeepers to Ukraine…
    The truth is that we were attacked by Russia – Russian tanks are driving around the cities, towns, villages and shooting everyone, even children, Russian missiles are bombing the homes of civilians! Russian planes bomb from the air … We – peaceful Ukrainians – wake up every night to the loud sound of sirens and explosions … We spend almost all our time in the cold basement and are afraid of every sound that comes through the tears of children and prayers of our mothers … Now we are frightened even by phone calls and text messages, because it is unknown what news they will bring …
    May God protect you so that you and your children will never feel this thirst!

  9. they censorship Russian and other media that doesn't go along their narrative, welcome to Fascist Europe. Here is the so called free speech and democratic western world doing everything that they blame other countries for doing, censor what they don't want the people to know…they have been demonising Russia when in fact they are the evil.

  10. Where are the rockets that West sent? Time to send the Russians home. Do something western help Ukraine to install so they can fight back against the big convoy outside Kiev. Time to knock out their convoys, you know what positions these convoys are in, do something. With Trump as president this convoy has been destroid.

  11. Its not a war crime
    " It is measures taken by government to save people and restore democracy ""
    As USA Presidents say before all war crimes they have committed.
    Now giving moral lessons to Whole world very funny.

  12. Putin is out to decimate Ukraine. This is why they are destroying everything in their path so that Ukrainians will have nothing to fo back to and will have a difficult time to rebuild. Putin obviously wants the territory of Ukraine and not its people. Is Ukraine the only target? I dont think so.

    Long live, Ukraine. We stand with you. Victory for Ukraine!

  13. RE: Russian convoys in front of the cities.
    Can anyone explain to me why the Ukrainian army does NOTHING, having such a favorable situation to attack ?
    ??? Why They Don't Do ANYTHING ???

  14. RE: Russian convoys in front of the cities ….
    Can anyone explain to me why the Ukrainian army does NOTHING, having such a favorable situation to attack?
    Why They Don't Do ANYTHING ???

  15. Russian defense ministry report March 04, 2022. 05:30 p.m. The group of troops of the Lugansk People's Republic, continuing offensive operations, captured the settlements of Shandrigolovo, Aleksandrovka, Darilovo, Sredne, Lozovoe. The armed forces of the Donetsk People's Republic took control of the settlements of Rozovka, Truzhenka, Znamenovka and Puzatoye. Subdivisions of the Russian Armed Forces continue their offensive on a broad front. Acting on the adjacent flanks with units of the Donetsk Republic, the settlements of Pyatikhatki, Shevchenkovo, Pologi, Gusarka, Novodanilovka and Shcherbaki were taken under control. I would like to emphasize that the retreating nationalist units in Donbass, formed in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, are causing damage to the critically important social infrastructure and life-support facilities of the population. The greatest damage is done to power and water supply systems. The purpose of such actions is to create a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass. In the city of Kharkov, Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a provocation with the participation of Western journalists. According to confirmed data, on Zhilardi Street, Kievsky District, in the private sector, multiple rocket launch systems are placed between houses. Nationalists forbid local residents, including children, from leaving their homes. Now the facilities are ready to shell the units of the Russian armed forces located outside the city. The purpose of the provocation is to push back the Russian artillery fire on the residential sector of Kharkov. All this is planned to be filmed on cameras with the subsequent transfer of the footage to Western journalists. The Russian armed forces provide assistance to the residents of the settlements liberated from the nationalists. Today at 12:00, at the request of the Kherson administration, the Russian military delivered more than 140 tons of food and medicine to the city. All humanitarian cargo has been handed over for distribution to the local population. We will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian residents in need of support..