Nuclear weapons expert: The likelihood of nuclear war is rising | DW News

Nuclear weapons expert: The likelihood of nuclear war is rising | DW News

In a special interview, one of the world’s leading nuclear weapons experts gives a full analysis of Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats as his invasion of Ukraine continues. What does raising of Russia’s nuclear alert level actually mean? What kind of message was Putin trying to send? How should other countries respond? What scenarios could now play out? And how dangerous is this moment?


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  1. Thank you for asking essential questions. James Acton as always is spot on a real, he is a expert indeed. It has been 50 years since something somewhat like this has happened. Very notable.

  2. Well, I guess that setting my family up on 20 remote acres up against the National Forest in Wyoming, and stockpiling a couple of years of supplies and fuel wasn't such a bad idea after all.
    Who's the crazy prepper now?

  3. Putin is taking Ukraine as a hostage and using tactical nuclear weapons as a threat against the free world. With his back against the wall from sanctions, he might pull the trigger.

  4. Putin will eventually drop a nuke in Ukraine (most likely on a sparsely populated area) and demand "unconditional surrender". They way America dealt with japan in WW2. And there is nothing America can do about it.

  5. Man inventing nuclear bombs is the same as a mouse inventing a mouse trap also once 3rd world war starts the next battle will be fought with sticks and stones…..Albert Einstein

  6. Positive had read somewhere in the bible 'the city was on fire and they were scared of the smoke'. Sounds like a description of a nuclear explosion….well think that was in the bible?

  7. Keep it simple: If Puntin thinks he has "nothing to lose" then he too should know "neither do we". Call his bluff because if we don't now….he'll be back for more later. There's worse things than dying Once: like living under a constant threat.

  8. This is a really difficult situation to analyse Putins mind. Of course the free world should help Ukraine and supply weapons to help them fight Russian soldiers invading their territory. Applying sanctions on Russia! But if the free world stops helping Ukraine for the sake of preserving humanity, and a wider conflict of escalating, into a nuclear war, which will result in more loss of life, and the ending of our world. If we do that, do we honestly believe Putin will stop with Ukraine? Like any bully, if they can get away with it, what’s stopping Putin going further, invading Finland and Poland and resurrecting the USSR. He will just keep on going, because he has nuclear weapons, and there’s nothing we can do, unless we develop a defence system which can shoot down Russian hypersonic nuclear missiles.

  9. Putins tables get longer and longer. Soon he will build a table so long he will destroy us all. Hus table is like pinocchios nose it grows when ever he tells lies.