UN Human Rights Council envoys walk out ahead Russian FM Lavrov speech | DW News

UN Human Rights Council envoys walk out ahead Russian FM Lavrov speech | DW News

Dozens of diplomats from the European Union, United States and Britain walked out ahead of a speech by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the UN Human Rights Council

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DW News

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  1. So they don't want to listen to him at all? It is pathetic how they want to claim to be there for "Human Rights" only to hear what fits their freaky agenda.

  2. The Minsk agreements were the legal framework to bring peace of mind to those involved, mainly to Ukraine, but she herself steadfastly refused to apply them for a little over 8 years, while killing the population in Dombas. That continuous genocide was hushed up by the UN, USA, EU, UK, NGO'S, Western media and others. Now that Russia has put reality on the table, those same unfortunates who kept silent are the ones who come out to prosecute and punish Russia. One wonders, what did those who today criticize and sanction Russia do to peacefully resolve the problem? Do you know what they did: 1) Promote a coup against a legitimate government, 2) Continuously boycott the Minsk agreements, 3) Secretly train the military, 4) Sell Ukraine weapons, 5) Create a media crisis, 6) Destroy the Ukrainian economy, and a long etc

  3. Why aren't Ukrainian fighter jets not flying down that long russian
    convey and strafing and bombing and deploying missile after missile into
    them? We all know where the russian convey is, why not take it out
    before it can inflect further damage to the Ukrainian peoples?!

  4. very angry, very upset to the uttmost ..putin is becoming a crazy dictator…he is still bombing, he is still devastating a free, sovereign democratic ukraine, killing innocent people freely…..why the World more react ?why so cruel putin ??

  5. Y éstos son los que tienen que buscar una salida mediante el diálogo?
    Que triste que estos ineptos sean los que representan las sociedades.
    Dejan en evidencia que Rusia ha venido hablado sola.
    Lastima que por algunos retrasados pagamos todos.

  6. В первую очередь дипломаты показали свою ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНУЮ НЕПРИГОДНОСТЬ и потом уже личную позицию. Работа у них такая – договариваться как представители своих стран которых специально делегировали на эту встречу. Этот поступок был верхом личной глупости каждого участника. Вы забыли, что сейчас вы представляете страну, а не личную позицию.

  7. Hypocracy of the west.
    When US commits war it is justified.
    When Russia does military operation it is a human rights violation.
    Come on.
    We Asians are not gonna fall for it.

  8. NATO was created to combat the SOVIET UNION. The Soviet Union was dismantle in 1991 NATO didn't dismantle but keeps expanding.

    Ukraine doesn't respect the right to self-determination of the Donetsk People's Republic & the Luhansk People's Republic. In 2014 both DPR and LPR made a Declaration of Independence, Ukraine REFUSE to recognize their Independence. Russia recognized their Independence & signed contracts with both of them.
    Since 2014 Ukraine has been attacking, shelling and killing with 100% impunity the population of Donetsk & Luhansk.

  9. His legacy will ALWAYS be connected with this event !
    Not only himself, but also his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come will live in shame caused of the crimes he did: Genocide on civilian Ukrainians and one of the world' s biggest liars who is disguied in diplomacy.

  10. Ukrainian fascists continue to bomb the little Donbass. People are fleeing to Russia. More than 100,000 women, children and the elderly have already been accepted in Russia.Thanks to Russia . NATO – no…,.

  11. What can be done with a walk out? What do you get? Wouldn't it be better to be heard and invited to discuss together to find a peaceful solution?

  12. Where were the marionets of the USA, as the USA bombed Kosovo, Irak and Afghanistan and killed civilists in those countries ????????? From Germany

  13. Not a peep about the sex trafficking in Ukraine. Now that's serious human rights issue.
    No a peep about what Bush said years ago about no pushing un on countries.
    Not a peep about hunter. Not peep on a lot of things.
    Do your own homework, research, question everything, critical thinking from a wide variety of sources.

  14. This is TOLERANCE in their eyes… Shame on those who walked out like that. Crazy when you imagine that they wouldn't do the same thing for Syria, Iraq, Iran and other countries for YEARS