Isolated Russia – will China step in? | DW News

Isolated Russia - will China step in? | DW News

As Western powers move to punish Russia for its aggression, China has a delicate balance to strike between a desire to help its ally and the need to insulate itself from further sanctions. China has been supplying electronics, machinery and electronic goods to Russia. But it is remains open how much aid China is able – or willing – to provide.


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  1. 'China’s promotion of Russian disinformation'. NO SURPRISE HERE!
    I expect a Communist Dictator would support another Communist Dictator. And, FREE people will always oppose Fascism.

    One thing for sure: Today's fascism has perfected 'The Art of Lying'. Just a bunch of shameless bunch of lying low life.

  2. I can't see much upside for China in this war. If nuclear war breaks out between Russia and NATO, they will be just as screwed as the rest of us.

  3. The red five-point star on top of the Kremlin symbolizes communism on all five (inhabited) continents. The ENTIRE GLOBE has a reason to fight Putin!!!

  4. Will China step in? China is already in with Russia for decades before this conflict. The question is, Can US trick China to abandon Russia? The answer is NO.

  5. SOS from Russia: Goodwill people! FORCE NATO to CLOSE the SKY OVER UKRAINE. This is the only way to stop Putin. Otherwise, you will be the next victim of his aggression! Putin is a worldwide CRIMINAL but don't be afraid of a nuclear strike from his side – he cannot do it alone, and the top militaries around him have families and want to live. It's just a threat on his part. STOP FASCIST PUTIN!

  6. I doubt it. Russia will very likely not go too far, and China wants friendly relations, so I don’t think they will. At least in the near future.

  7. This is a complete failure. Maybe not military, but a failure. Let's remember why Russia started the war with Ukraine back in 2014 – Russia started the war to prevent NATO from expanding to the East. Putin has said and says that Russia is afraid of NATO expansion. However, let's think, is NATO a threat to Russia, which has nuclear weapons? The question is rhetorical – no. The democratic powers of the West will never go to war without a good reason, especially a war against a country with nuclear weapons that will incinerate them, which Russia is capable of doing. So, there is no military threat to NATO. It means that Russia is not concerned about security in the issue of NATO expansion, but about spheres of influence – in 2013-14, a democratic revolution took place in Ukraine, the corrupt President Yanukovych was overthrown, and since then Ukraine has been striving for democracy, wanted to join NATO and the EU, i.e. Russia risked losing its zone of economic and political influence. That is why in 2014 Russia made the first attempt to invade and seize Ukraine – when Russian special services and the military seized administrative buildings in the Eastern regions of Ukraine inhabited by Russians, after which the Crimean, Donetsk and Lugansk Republics were proclaimed. In Crimea, the Ukrainian military, who did not want to fight with the Slavic brothers, agreed with the Russians and evacuated, after which Crimea entered Russia, but they did not negotiate in the Donbas and the war began, which was waged by Russia and the rebels, although support for the idea of separation from Ukraine in the regions of Eastern Ukraine was and is actually low. I am Russian, and I myself remember how in 2014 they told us on TV that the rebels would now seize Kiev and "liberate Ukraine", they told us on TV about the downed Ukrainian military aircraft, which, as it turned out later, actually turned out to be a Maylazian Boeing that was flying to the Netherlands. I remember 2015, when Boris Nemtsov, an oppositionist who opposed the war, was killed by an automatic burst right in the center of Moscow, the Russian opposition died with him. Putin, who had completely lost his popularity by 2012, raised his rating as a result of the annexation of Crimea, it was such a "small victorious war". If in 2011 Putin's rating was 28%, then in 2015 it was more than 60%.
    Russia does not want to allow the spread of the zone of influence of the West to its borders, and at the same time Russia is trying to maintain its zone of influence, but the military threat that Putin is talking about does not come from the West. That is, Russia wants to remain an independent country and not allow itself into the zone of influence of the West. However, here the Russian leadership makes a fatal mistake – due to the fact that Russia resists the growth of the zone of influence of the West, Russia receives sanctions and restrictions, Russia is isolated from the World economy, despite the fact that Russia does not really produce anything except resources, the buyer of which still needs to be found, and depends on imports. And Russia, receiving sanctions from the West, is isolated, and Putin is forced to flee to China to bow. I.e. if Russia is not a zone of influence of the West, Russia will simply become a colony of China, and this is even worse. Back in 2014, China took advantage of Russia's position. In 2015, Russia laid an insanely expensive gas pipeline to China, and the Chinese bought gas from us much cheaper than the world average prices. The Chinese buy oil from Russia much cheaper than the world average prices. The Chinese cut down forests cheaply in Russia, produce building materials at home, and sell the lowest quality boards made of sawdust to Russia. Relations between Russia and China are absolutely unequal, China regards Russia not as an equal partner, but as a colony, a resource appendage. China is simply taking advantage of the position of Russia, which quarrels with the whole world. It is foolish to think that China is an ally of Russia. The Chinese have always been duplicitous, cunning and expectant, and they have always stuck a knife in the back of the Russians, as it was in the 1950s, when China broke off all relations with the USSR, and this after Soviet soldiers liberated them from the Japanese, the USSR provided the communist army in their civil war, and Soviet scientists gave they need a nuclear bomb. The problem is that no one will come to the aid of Russia, isolated because of this war, if the Chinese want to cross the border. This is a complete failure of Russia's foreign policy. Russia will lose its economy due to sanctions, our standard of living will soon be lower than in Brazil. And the war itself is taking place between fraternal peoples who have kinship ties. And it will not be possible to occupy Ukraine – they will want independence. We'll just get a territory populated by partisans who hate us. This is a disaster, Russia lost the war before it started. Even in the first second of the war, Russia had already lost it, when no one had died yet.

  8. india important most of military equipments from Russia. india cannot break it's military diplomacy with Russia. India will remain neutral at this point of time. inspite of conflict, india will keep trading with Russia.