Lavrov says a third world war 'not in the mind of Russia' but the West

Lavrov says a third world war 'not in the mind of Russia' but the West

“Nuclear war…[is] in the minds of Western politicians”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the West of provocation in response to a question about whether Russia could reassure that it would not fire the first strike of a nuclear weapon.

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  1. You can never expect settlement from the West. They will betray and cause bloodshed. It's written on their head (fate) – Qafir, the Dajjal. They were like this since thousand years. Only solution is, Nuke it. The world will face some consequences for some time but it will be peaceful for a long long time without the West InShaAllah. If US and its allies get out of this now, there will be more more bloodshed in future, there will be more more discrimination, there will be more more deaths. Destroy it now. Even there's good people in the US and it's hard to say something like this to destroy. But, can you feel the pain of those people who lost their families, children, homes and hopes caused by this nasty Nation US and its allies? For Oil? For Dollar? For Worldly gain? Fih! And, still they are doing same.

  2. It’s the barbaric Putin has repeatedly threatened the West with nuke attack.We are not going to risk our good living standards with thuggish regimes.
    Look back at what Putin did in Grozny , Chechnya, Aleppo , Syria?
    Putin is desperate now. He is going to attack Kyiv with Hydrogen bombs to wipe out Ukraine government officials so that he can occupies the city without heavy casualties.
    Putin is a cold blood butcher of Russia.

  3. Russian security concern should be addressed. Russia is the fifth largest economy in Europe with a huge population just put some respect. Declare Ukraine as a buffer state

  4. After Russia
    It will be China!
    Russia to be tie down in 2 yrs
    Straight away ~2024 military conflict will be setup China will get blame, hate
    Lone China will be gang on, by hords of nations

  5. Never trust a British or American media translator of Russian language. They lie go to Shanghai Eye page to watch a better translation in English

  6. I would not be surprised….the warmongering West will not stop until they can dominate and subjugate the whole world. The work of the Devil himself….

  7. I have this lingering feeling about the situation with Russia it reminds me too much of Iraq. Iraq was invading Kuwait but the USA came in and basically criminalized the country in the minds of everyone and dehumanized the people then invaded Iraq and turned it into a semi wasteland compared to its glory days and the US stole 1 trillion dollars worth of gold on their way back. now Russia invades Ukraine and the USA came in to criminalize the country in the minds of everyone and now punishing the country as a whole Russia is suffering economically and further down the line if the US finds the chance they will do the same to Russia like Iraq by invading and killing bombing all around and calling dead citizens as "collateral damage" like they did in Iraq and after completely ruining the country and installing their corrupt puppets as leaders as they did to every country they control or invaded they will leave with trillions of dollars worth of gold/oil etc.

  8. "Peace Now and for Forever"

    Media outlets and Rulers of this world are saying "Third world War"

    "And with this Word, God created all things. Nothing was made without the Word. Everything that was created was by the word. All things were made by the word".

    If one would choose to believe that Holy Spirit is the will of all of Us then to convince all of Us that we need Third World War brainwashing all of Us using a words that there is a need for Third World War could mean that there will be Third World War, because that power of word, all creating, creative power of God, power of word that is within all of Us will be all that is needed to create Third World War

    Maybe Media and all those who rule know about creating everything power of word.

    Should we observe how they use word, who is calling for Third World War?

    We all can choose to use creative power of word and say "Third World War Now" or "Peace Now and for Forever"

    I choose to say "Peace Now and for Forever"

  9. If Russia and China don’t protect their sovereignty, they may not exist on earth in a few more decades. NATO is biggest gang on earth and US is the big boss behind nato. US is trying hard to provoke a war for The Chinese to kill the Chinese through Taiwan. US consider Taiwan is part of China, but keep selling weapons to Taiwan.

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