Russia in Ukraine: Has Putin painted himself into a corner? | DW News

Russia in Ukraine: Has Putin painted himself into a corner? | DW News

The consequences of the war after one week are staggering. Death and destruction on the ground in Ukraine. A massive exodus of refugees. Scenes of fierce resistance from Ukrainian soldiers and ordinary people – and a President who’s rallied much of the world around his cause. Meanwhile Russia has become increasingly isolated and its economy is in freefall. We take a closer look back now at the events of the past week.
And the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution demanding Russia immediately stops using force against Ukraine and withdraws its military from the country.
The historic non-binding resolution was backed by 141 out of 193 member states – with only five countries voting against. Before the vote, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN accused Russia of seeking to commit genocide in his country, and called on the world to stand together against Moscow’s aggression.


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  1. Mr Putin is not frustrated and cornered. If he cut off the gas supply many countries will face revolt from their own people. Tit for tat for sanctions. If I am in his situation cut off the gas supply straight away. He is not that bad, so far he hesitates to cut off the supply.

  2. DW News one of the best News services in the world at the moment. Where is the BBC ? Zelinsky and Putin are both murderous dictators slaughtering the people of their own states. True monsters in every sense of the word.

  3. Yeah no fly zone is non-negotiable for anybody to enforce it they would literally have to take out the Russian ground troops that have anti-air missiles so that way they could enforce the no fly zone for the aircraft so not only are they taking out aircraft they're taking out ground troops which would be basically an invitation for nuclear war so no it would literally draws into a war with Russia so it's completely off the table them trying to get 28 mix to Ukraine is risky enough as long as it's ukrainians flying the aircraft and they're located in Ukraine in their painted and Ukraine colors that is a more acceptable scenario.

  4. How come the west is very much afraid of Putin, is it because of his suicidal mind? Remember that he is a multi billionaire and he never had it so good. Ergo, he is afraid to die and leave behind his enormous wealth to his heirs.