Ukraine President Zelenskyy delivers defiant message to Russian troops | DW News

Ukraine President Zelenskyy delivers defiant message to Russian troops | DW News

As the war in Ukraine enters its second week, President Vlodymyr Zelenskyy is urging people to keep up their resistance, even as Russia intensifies its attacks on major cities.
Russian troops are in the Black sea port of Kherson, though there are conflicting reports about whether they have complete control. Further east, the cities of Kharkiv and Mariupol are also under heavy attack. And Ukrainian officials say a powerful explosion has hit central Kyiv – close to the Defence Ministry.
Satellite images from US company Maxar appear to show some of the destruction caused by the war so far, with bomb craters, destroyed bridges and factories, and damaged homes. The company says the pictures were taken over the past week – and that heavy cloud cover has prevented its satellites from taking new images in the past day.
A week into this war, there are still no clear numbers of casualties on either side, but it IS clear that Ukrainian civilians are paying a heavy price. The government in Kyiv says some 2,000 civilians have been killed in Russian airstrikes so far – a claim that has not been independently verified.


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  1. ..! Part of the blame for the present war situation in Ukraine lies with the West for surrounding Russia with hostile nuclear weapons (NATO) and demonizing Russia. The West has been pushing Russia to the limit with the intention of dismantling the Russian state with aim to plunder Russia's resources. The US has depleted its oil resources; the US has now had to progress to low-yield expensive fracking. With the US economy hugely in debt, the US is now eager to take over the Russian oil reserves and mineral resources. The present Russian regime stands in the way of US' ambitions. Whereas detente could have been successful in avoiding the war in Ukraine, the USA has precipitated the Ukrainian war by its US intransigence in recent negotiations. The main stream media is biased and is conveniently avoiding this issue. The war in Ukraine could easily have been avoided by detente.

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  4. This is a war for democracy. Let's not fall for the gas light that it's about anything else. Democracy is the right of Ukraine. Democracy is freedom that all nato countries cherish and enjoy. It's not about the west,America or anything else. Democracy and freedom.

  5. Nato leaders are silly fools thinking solar panels and windmills would stop Putin. When Putin is done with europe they will all be as poor as Russians.

  6. Ukraine may no longer be a good candidate to join the EU, but Russia is still a country with a prosperous economy and candidate to join the EU