Pariah Putin: Isolated and angry? | To the point

Pariah Putin: Isolated and angry? | To the point

Russian forces continue their advance on the Ukrainian capital Kiev and other key cities. The onslaught has had an unexpected side effect: Vladimir Putin’s war is uniting an often-divided world. In New York the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned the brutal onslaught. A slew of companies have closed down operations in Russia or divested themselves of Russian-related holdings elsewhere. With harsh sanctions in place, Joe Biden says Putin is more isolated than ever before.

Our guests: Jessica Berlin (Geopolitical Expert), Christoph von Marschall (Der Tagesspiegel). Roman Goncharenko (DW).


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  1. Disagree about Germany working harder to work with Russia. Instread, they justified cheap energy from Russia, resulting funding Russian military, for Germany losing strategic economic and military advantage. In short, Germany took a gamble to favour themselves , but I’m doing so weaken NATO, by having LIMITED sanctions. Hence Germany, in guilt, changed their tune, but cannot fully support, so Ukraine will suffer more than they would otherwise.

  2. Lech Wałęsa. Разгневанный русский говорит, что в каждом доме и квартире в Германии есть мойка для картофеля. Зачем вы сбрасываете в них человеческие отходы?

  3. I pray that the banks, food, gas , and all necessary needs will be shut down and cut off in Russia, so the Russian people would turn against their dilusional, killer, and outcast leader leader, and overthrown him from grace.

  4. surprised how small and unequipped the Russian Army is … at least compared to the US.. and its right next door to them.. Iraq was a long way away from then US

  5. Who wants the Soviet Union ? No one!
    None of the former empires have been re-born !
    Even if Russia takes control of Ukraine, They will have a 10 year war just like in Afganistan.

  6. Germany is truly delusional if they think that any agreement with Putin will be kept. He has already broken two important agreements/treaties. He is completely irrational and untrustworthy. The Russian Army is a paper tiger, little better than an armed mob. If THAT is his trump card, then he has an empty hand.

  7. From reportings, Putin spent a lifetime cultivating an image he wanted to memorize by any means necessary, only to end up an old bitter vengeful man in disgrace with a branded label of PARIAH by the World! GOD is Good!

  8. Sir Iam, feel for all the world of we the people, unlike People like putin, or the other man of China. Iam, Stand with we the people no more no less. No war just because it sounds

  9. Butt if it was to be, Sir Putin the world would turn./ unless the whole world see s what I text, if not when you sir & Iam, talk between us. When you & Iam, talk there wasn't war

  10. what a rubbish that was
    ,zelensky approval rate % 29 July 2021 ;October 2021 dropped 28% Ukrainians December 2021


    even biden is ahead of zelensky has 40% approval in usa

    Putin approval was Russia 65% December 2021 and march 2022 went higher to 71%