Russian forces take control over Europe's largest nuclear power plant | DW News

Russian forces take control over Europe's largest nuclear power plant | DW News

Russian forces have entered the site of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant after a fire broke out there during Russian shelling. Ukrainian authorities say no radiation leaks have been detected.

Ukrainian authorities say Russian forces have taken control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the countries southeast. A fire broke out at one of the reactors at the site after Russian shelling overnight. “Operational personnel are monitoring the condition of power units,” the regional authority said on social media. It added that it sought to ensure the operations were in line with safety requirements.

Russian authorities have moved to restrict access to a number of international media websites, including that of Deutsche Welle, that they accuse of providing false information about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Websites of the BBC, the independent news website Meduza and the Russian-language website of the US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Svoboda, were also “limited” following a request from prosecutors, according to Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor. Deutsche Welle has been able to confirm that access to its website from Russia has been blocked since early Friday morning, and that its services can be used only by employing a VPN or circumvention tool.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin has requested the German government provide Kyiv with tanks and warships to face down a Russian invasion. Additional items on Ukraine’s list of requests include infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems, such as self-propelled howitzers, air defense systems, combat and support helicopters, reconnaissance and combat drones and transport aircraft. Ukraine’s formal request to the Chancellery, the Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry read in part, “In view of the extremely tense security situation because of the ongoing Russian aggression, the Ukrainian government is seeking that this request be processed and favorably reviewed as quickly as possible.” The note adds Putin started a “war of annihilation” against Ukraine. Berlin reversed its defense and Russia policy of many decades seemingly overnight following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Germany has already provided 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles after initially promising just 5,000 helmets.


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  1. One more reason to ban nuclear power plants around the world say hello to cancer it's here to eat us chomp chomp chomp I need another fleshy soul yum yum

  2. Its a game of chess if Russia bomb the nuclear power plant then it very hard to win against Russia see it's like a queen check or check queen

  3. I didn't see any fires all I saw was flares falling from the sky. Good to hear the expert say there is very little chance of radiation being released! I wonder if you will cover the United states funded bioweapons labs in the Ukraine? I would love to hear from the experts.

  4. Laut zuverlässigen Quellen in der Nähe von GAZPROM wird Russland aufgrund der verhängten europäischen Sanktionen ab dem 1. Mai damit beginnen, beide NORTHERN STREAMS abzubauen und Gas nach Asien und China umzuleiten!!!

  5. .. without TVEL, special warheads go bad..

    … INTERPOL must also arrest Russian Generals for shooting the Ukrainian nuclear power plant and endangering the security of the whole of Europe; for the murder of and endangering Ukrainian civilians and children; for child sexual abuse of their military personnel, fraud and starving Russian soldiers, for corruption and money laundering, and for environmental crimes on the plains of Chechnya and Ukraine…

    Once I made a decision, I never thought about it again" – Michael Jordan

    “No one chooses where they're born, but we can choose to be brave and kind wherever we are” – seen somewhere

  6. This is more fear mongering. They are flares to light up the area to see where they are shooting. Think about it they need to capture the plant to shut off power to the city. I support Ukraine but the media are trying to push us into world war. They wont stop talking about a no fly zone knowing that will be world war

  7. USA, send mursonaries like yall did in LIBYA to take out Gaddafi,, to help URANIA THEY NEED AS MUCH HELP AS THEY CAN GET,…
    WHAT A Shame…

  8. Questions walking question marks

    Does Putin have the right to go to war to defend his country's security?

    Who is the real beneficiary between hitting some European countries in their economy and how much loss they lose for nothing?

    Why is there no democratic political agreement between the parties to the conflict?

    Who benefits from a nuclear war, which is a world war that is followed by the destruction of all aspects of life and the destruction of human beings

    Will the weight hole absorb the amount of nuclear death, or will it expand and end the world in hours?

  9. Wow… Ukraine has nuclear plant. So who is lying? Zelensky claim Ukraine is being bullied.

    Cannot blame Russia for attacking Ukraine. Note : it's main aim is to destroy all military centres placed in Ukraine as well as the 26 BIO labs… Planning biological warfare?

  10. Russia is unstoppable. Russia is power. Russia is space, oil, gas, forests and sees. Russia is vodka and caviar. Russia is love. Russia is brave. Russia is strong as never before. Russian and Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Russia is everything