Why This Was The WORST Episode Of Parks And Recreation

Why This Was The WORST Episode Of Parks And Recreation

Parks and Recreation is by far one of the best sitcoms ever put on television. Season after Season, Parks and Rec grew and evolved to create an ensemble cast that delivered comedic and heart felt stories for 7 seasons. It’s hard to choose a bad episode through the run of Parks and Recreation, but there was one episode that almost hindered the shows success early on.

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Written by Chris Teregis
Edited by Dan Smiley


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  1. This makes sense to me. I never made it past the pilot. I was already kind of bored with The Office (US) style and even when I went back to try to give Parks and Rec a chance, I was so put off by this episode that I assumed everyone was lying when they talked about how good it got later.

  2. The show could have melded their universe with The Office – at least once. It might have made it even better… Imagine if the Pawnee crew had taken a trip to Scranton, where Ann could have met Karen, there, face to face…

  3. Tbf pilots are normally the worst episode of any show as the characters are not fully fleshed out and you haven’t got the experience with them that you do in later episodes that grounds their actions and allows for ridiculous extremes without breaking the show.

    Take Dwight and Michael from the office. They both did increasingly insane things as the show went on, but because it was established in their character it didn’t break the viewing experience. They also both grew as characters in an organic and understandable way, giving a feeling that they were more than just acted parts. Conversely this is why characters acting against their established behaviour can ruin a show or signal its decline.

  4. i was so bored from having just watched last season of the office that i thought even the first several episodes of parks and rec were refreshing. the beginning may not be very well written, but the actors are doing such a good job with what they have that it's still somewhat compelling, and the show just gets better along the way, which is fantastic.

  5. I got a bit of enjoyment from this show the 1st time through but, the last season & a ½ fell flat. It took me a while to even watch the last season. Now, I can't find it in me to even rewatch the series or select out memorable episodes as the laughs were absolutely forced the 1st time around. Meanwhile, I've watched The Office twice & selected out episodes to watch after the 2nd series rewatch. I even tried to watch the original British version; not as funny…

  6. The best thing that happened to parks and recs was the writers strike. It allowed the writers to step back and take a look at what they wanted from the show and change direction of the show. That's why the second season of the show is so much better then the first.

  7. They literally did the same thing with the office. Tweak the characters unlikability and boom, season 2 is now an amazing show. I'd argue the whole first season was weak. Same with the office, I never rewatch the office from season one. only 2 and beyond

  8. The pilot was the very reason I didn't watch the show. I don't even think I finished the episode at the time. It wasn't until the show's last season that my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) convinced me to give the show a shot. It was a little difficult to get through the first season but by the second season, I was HOOKED! It finally picked up and now I LOVE going back and rewatching.

  9. I agree with this. I recently tried to rewatch the show remembering how much I enjoyed it and I couldn't get through the pilot it was so bad. I just assumed the show didn't age well.

  10. I remember Hulu's description of the show as being a "droll workplace comedy". If whoever wrote that only watched the first episode they'd be correct.
    I'd tell my friends they didn't have to watch the first season because I wanted them to stick with it. My S1 summary would be a pit, Ann and Andy dated and broke up. S2 was the soft reboot.

  11. Worst “episode”, imo, is the entire final season. Should have never happened. The cast had clearly moved on in every way and each episode was a “greatest hits” callback. Nothing felt organic or at ease. It was a slog. The second to last season ended pretty perfectly and they should’ve left it at that.

  12. I love Parks and Rec, and I agree with that the pilot was very weak considering how good the show is, but I hate the episode in the last season based around Johnny Karate. And I love Andy, he’s one of my favorite characters to be honest, and not just on the show. But I can never get all the way through it.

  13. Despite it’s similarities to the Office, I love how Parks and Rec is just completely enjoyable, apart from the pilot, and there’s never any moments that are genuinely painful or uncomfortable to watch which tends to happen in the office due to Michael and his ability to make us hate him in a moment.

  14. Fantastic Analysis! I may be a total television nerd… but you my friend, are Nerdstalgic! You hit on every point with precision accuracy! Parks and Recreation got better and better. Unfortunately, it was kind of the opposite with The Office. Season One was odd and awkward, but I still enjoy it. Season 2 and 3 were incredible. But by the end of season 4, the show seemed to have been running out of great ideas and character development (unless Kevin becoming a total incompetent was character development). Thanks for yet another, great video.

  15. Possibly the worst pilot ever? Uh, I would think all the pilots that never became a full series would fall in behind this. I mean, the pilot for BTVS was so bad they never showed it again, and that actually became a series. Though I agree the pilot never really takes its own form, and the first season all together is pretty weak (the show doesn't really begin until Rob and Adam show up close to the end of season 2), but its not even in the conversation for worst ever. Even for pilots that became a full series.

  16. You don't need hyperbole like 'one of the worst pilots'. It's piss-weak compared to the rest of the series, butt It's still clearly leagues above many, many awful pilots.

  17. This goes to show when your show stumbles at the beginning, having your tone and characters change organically can make it great by the end. This show made one of the most successful pivots of all time considering it's rocky start

  18. The scene where Leslie pushes the drunk guy out of the slide is silly. I’m a maintenance worker my city’s park services department. I would be called to take care of that, not one of our administrative employees. I didn’t see anything wrong when I watched this back in high school tho lmao

  19. While a show like The Office has a rocky start and then gets good for a few seasons, then dips in quality towards the end, from what I remember, Parks and Rec had that rocky start, and then just kept getting better and better.

    Definitely the "Pam and Jim" dilemma was fixed. Pam and Jim's relationship was why people watched the first few seasons of the office, but after they got together… well that's not really much you can do. With Leslie and Benji Wyatt, so much grew from them being together, especially since Ben was brought in so much later.

  20. I liked how uncomfortable the Pilot can be, it reminds me of the phase of awkwardness when first meeting new people, once you get used to them they'll open up and become your friends and that's exactly what the first seasons were for me.

  21. Honestly, the pilot is so bad that you can skip the 1st season entirely and not miss a thing. If you haven't watched yet, start from the 2nd season. You will save time and be able to enjoy the show.

  22. I've personally always felt that Season 1 of P&R is underrated. It's definitely just a shadow of what the show would become, but taken on its own merits it's actually better than it gets credit for.

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