We need to talk about the latest IPCC report | with Peter Kalmus & Ella Gilbert

We need to talk about the latest IPCC report | with Peter Kalmus & Ella Gilbert

In which I chat with not one, but two climate scientists about the IPCC’s latest Working Group II report, and how to deal with the psychological toll this fuckery has on all of us who are paying attention. Feat. NASA scientist Peter Kalmus and atmospheric scientist, Ella Gilbert.

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👉 Links:
🔹 IPCC 6th Assessment Report: https://www.ipcc.ch/assessment-report/ar6
🔹 IPCC Working Group II Report (2022): https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-working-group-ii
🔹 Australian Psychology Society guide for “Coping with Climate Change Distress”: https://psychology.org.au/getmedia/cf076d33-4470-415d-8acc-75f375adf2f3/coping_with_climate_change.pdf.pdf
🔹 Peter Kalmus’s book: Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

00:00 Giordano Intro
1:52 Peter Kalmus welcome
2:52 Response to ‘Don’t Look Up’
3:48 We need 1B climate activists
9:44 ‘Emergency Mode’
14:24 ‘Being the Change’
16:58 The latest IPCC report
21:05 Vision for the future
24:20 Climate anxiety
28:33 Thank you, Peter
30:07 Ella Gilbert welcome
31:01 Climate scientists on YouTube
35:16 IPCC 6th Asessment Report
40:06 Working Group 2 Report
42:35 Australian floods
45:43 Climate anxiety
49:12 Thank you, Ella
49:50 Giordano Conclusion

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📜 Captions transcribed by Jesse Dowse

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  1. Not sure we can blindly follow or listen to any of this made up sciemce sounds very elitist bullshit used to regulate and kill off the Masses. You ignored the man made weather events and disasters conveniently done to prove your story???????

  2. Thank you for what you do Juice Media. This was a fantastic presentation with two outstanding guests. The weight of the climate crisis is sometimes too much to bear, but as was said, how can you turn your back on this life and death situation we find ourselves in. Especially when we are the only ones who can stop it.

  3. I thought this was about climate change?
    Silly me – just more Russia-hate propaganda.
    I suppose that's all Juice is – just another professional propaganda outfit.
    Another ruling class scam.

  4. As both a current degree student of, and certificate teacher of Environmental Management, not to mention an Aussie expat who is now also a Kiwi, I very much appreciate Juice Media and the work you all do – plus you keep me up to date with all of the Australian government's shitfuckery (by the way, that's now one of my favourite terms).

    The climate status and projection is of course very serious and quite bleak.

    So for everyone concerned about our planet and our continued existence upon it, it is important to remember this:

    You will never – and can never – fix the planet's problems. BUT she absolutely needs and will gratefully accept all you have to give.

    Find the bit that gets YOUR juices flowing, and focus on that. No one solution will fix the problem. It will take a complex amalgamation of legislation, technology, education, and grass-roots community effort to solve the problem of climate change.

    So whether you want to go into politics, become a scientifist yourself, plant trees for your local community or fight against the plight of coral, it ALL matters, and your efforts are not in vain.

    Finally, as someone who has the privilege of guiding tours to Milford Sound, I am at peace, knowing that even when our species does come to an end, planet Earth will remain, and will thrive again.

    Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua.

  5. No you sound emotional not logical and your wrong

    I wish someone could answer some simple questions such as green energy takes energy and creates pollution to produce it. How is that going to work. Nothing Ive seen is exempt from this. Yes im sure it could be solved but the problem is people and greed. Wake up. Its not fossil. You really think we are any different then putin ahahah wake up. Are you ready to stop supporting greedy Corporations that take advantage of either slave labor or near slave labor. When will the rich and privileged stop consuming so much and wasting so much. Fossil fuels are not the evil destruction of the earth its greed get a better grip on reality. Put down your iphone produced from materials sourced from slave labor in Africa and assembled from slave labor in China. Look around. We dont have a food crisis we have a gluttonous crisis. Hypocrits. Why dont you look up the tons of toxic waste released into the enviroment every year in the US alone. The sickening amount toxic chemicals in our food and environment. Your green energy will only make harder for people and accelerate the power and wealth of the rich at the expense of the poor.

  6. thanks for blocking links in the comments.!!!!!!
    this report is just more, inaccurate bureaucratic propaganda that does NOT incorporate a LOT of relevant space weather data.! this is so, because, while the global climate is changing, air pollution is NOT a primary driver of that change.!!! consequently, humanity SHOULD, RIGHT NOW, be looking for ways to COPE with a climate future that is INEVITABLE.!!! instead of 'fussing about' air pollution.!!!! googletranslate

    what is the truth.? part one. the earth's magnetic field
    it has long been known that the the Strength of the earth's magnetic field IS decreasing. anyone with five working brain cells who knew that fact, Should be able to 'connect the dots'. what does that mean — it means, we ALL Should have been EXPECTING global-scale changes to occur.!!! at some point in time. with or without lots of a human-caused air pollution being present.!
    the truth. part two. solar/galactic influences
    whatever the 'causes' of this periodic variation in the planetary magnetic field strength are, they Very Probably include (periodic) SOLAR and Galactic influences.!!!!
    the truth. part three. the local bubble
    the odds are ten billion to one that sol just 'meandered' into the Center of the local bubble.!

  7. Shit sandwich coming up… love your humour, nicely satirical, you seem able to see right through the illusions of the 'control system' and take the piss accordingly. Brilliant! And yet you have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the man-made global warming psyop. And are heavily invested in this con, interviewing climate experts and such. They are more conditioned than most anyone else in their compartmentalised ivory tower of Empire. FFS peolpe… it's just the sun!!! And our real problem is cooling, not warming!!! Not to mention of course the ongoing polar excursions, which are speeding up incidentally

  8. Not much here but circular @ we are fucked “. I agree but I wish solutions were more spoken about .

    I can’t help but think that the usual suspects of wind, solar, batteries is not working, because it’s not rapid enough .
    Modular nuclear,
    Plasma drilling for deep geo thermal are quick and give us baaeload supply.

    Governance models also need to be looked at as well as eccononic models that rely on constant growth . Maybe the combination of The Great Resignation can be co-opted to less travel , basic income.

    Massive tax reform needs to happen to stop the massive amounts of money flows into tax havens. Google, Amazon etc pay next to nothing. What amount of public money would be available per year to build the modular nuclear if these tax loopholes were plugged ? I hear at least 1 trillion per year.

    These above things need to f happen . A systemic transformation instead is island solutions

  9. Your feeling that you aren't being heard and understood by enough people to bring about change is the same feeling I have about the absolute imperative that we each escape the cult of codependency and begin the journey toward healing and self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love. We as spirit energy and on the human level will never care enough about the planet because we do not even care about ourselves. Do you see my point? LOVE is as fundamental, as life-giving and life-sustaining as oxygen. Yet so many are living lives of suffering, addiction, and reliving every waking day the self-destructive habits they were taught. The rich, the poor and everyone in between is susceptible to the cult of codependency and lack of self-awareness. We cannot change the course of life until LOVE becomes the currency, the language, and the cornerstone of every society. Codependency is a global pandemic destroying humanity and the planet yet no one speaks about it with urgency. Mandating civility will not heal souls. The healing work must be done personally and in community or we will not change course. And if that doesn't alarm you more, then you have missed the point.

  10. Watching this makes me feel extremely helpless in this situation. Ofcorse I want to help keep this magnificent planet and spectacular species alive forever. What can a little person per say like my self do to help by taking my own steps to precure our existence? What can I do to incourage the big people to make moves to preserve our species and our home planet?

  11. They always blame it on the laborers the lowest people of the pyramid when we all know it's the rich people that cause this problem. Stanley Meyer an inventor of a car that ran off water and when used produced oxygen out its mufflers. To fix the automobile industry all we need is a HHO water modification system for all gasoline and diesel vehicles. Airplanes are already used a new technology that they're hiding from the public. Stanley Myers patent should be public information. Oh and I forgot to say that Stanley Myers was poisoned for his invention. Goes to show you the rich corporations don't want a better future.

  12. Thanks for all the work you and your two guest do.
    Its good to see you keep covering climate change.
    The mainstream media has nearly complete shut down the topic and rather repeat the same Ukrainian news 100 times in a row then report a single time on climate change.

    On topic Rain bomb:
    Just last year we had our own "Rain Bomb" in western Germany.
    It caused massive flooding making tiny rivers (Bearly 5cm depth) into raging currents (8+ meters depth).
    Just by 1 day of extreme heavy rain.
    We were close to having one of our large damms collapse.
    Thankfully that did not happen , but it could have happen.

    Our local mainstream weather men sayed that thanks to the climate change, the rain that usually spread out across the land now is much more concentrated and doesnt move as much to a point where massive rain clouds just stand still over one spot while another spot just 50 km gets nothing.

    Worse, for example this march we had 80% less rain then we should have in most of our zone while small parts had up to 800% more rain then what should be.

    Personally i got conflicting feelings about the destruction from those "rain bombs"
    One one hand my own cellar was flooded and we had a ton of dmg.
    On the other hand its the only thing that makes people "wake up".
    At least for a time after the flooding there was nothing but climate change on the media and it influenced the voting of our parlament.

    Not enough but more then nothing.
    So i hope more of them will happen to more different areas of the world.
    After all the more people get a feel of climate change´s cost, the more people will try to do something.

  13. Fratello do you even know why Putin invaded Ukraine? I don't think you do. Putin invaded Ukraine to stop what exactly china is doing in the Solomon's! Educate yourself!

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