How Batman Movies Pulled Off 6 Batmobile & Batwing Stunts | Movies Insider

How Batman Movies Pulled Off 6 Batmobile & Batwing Stunts | Movies Insider

On the release of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson, we look back on six of the superhero’s most impressive stunts with his signature rides, from the tank-like Tumbler in “Batman Begins” to the flying Batwing in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Find out the creative practical methods that were used to pull off action sequences.

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How Batman Movies Pulled Off 6 Batmobile & Batwing Stunts | Movies Insider


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  1. Batfleck's Batmobile is a spiritual hybrid of the two Batmobiles that are considered the best: Keaton's Batmobile and the Tumbler. It has a low profile (when its suspension is lowered) and a proportionally thin and stylishly shaped chassis – like Keaton's; and its size, durability, military weaponry, and control system are like those of a tank – much like the Tumbler. So, it's literally the best of both worlds.

  2. I'm so grateful that practical effects are still around. CGI and VFX are very useful tools and have given us amazing scenes and movies, but wherever you can do it for real, do it, it is worth it. One of the reason I love Nolan

  3. Well if they can make such hitech vehicles for a movie

    It is scary to think what secret technologies government would have been developing over the centuries.

  4. From all the Batmobile we have seen Nolans is the more diverse one, it was present through out its movies and it felt like a Batmobile, in others the Batmobile is just there for few scenes and its use is just driving and shooting.But Nolans is fast, it could Jump, it can shoot, it can go stealth and it can change into a Bike, a pretty awsome one aswell, all that done realistically in my opinion. Nolans Batmobile felt realistic, From its Origin to its looks and Gadgets, it didnt felt over the top to me. Idk but Afflecks Batmobile, who looks more Comic accurate and had a "badass" Design, but thats about it, it didnt felt realistic to me, and its use is kinda basic, same with Robert Pattinson one, it was even more basic but i did like it. Its funny Nolans Batmobile did more unbelievable stuff, like Jumping and changing into a Bike, but it felt reallistic to me, they did brilliant to make feel realistic atleast for the Nolan verse.

  5. Unpopular opinion: the final battle in TDKR would've been more iconic if it took place at night. Just like all the final battles in the trilogy