Dear Marvel, Stop Trying To End The World

Dear Marvel, Stop Trying To End The World

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Marvel, you’ve got to stop doing end of the world plots; it’s getting boring.

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0:00 – Intro
1:39 – Where Marvel Has Done It Right
2:42 – Why World Ending Threats Can Be Great
5:24 – Why Shang-Chi’s Climax Fell Flat
8:30 – Bigger Is Not Better
10:14 – But Also, Big Is Not Bad

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  1. Realistically the more grand a villain's plan is, the more likely it is to fail and I think we all know that. For me it's more about the journey/storytelling than the destination.

  2. Dont look up is actually a good example of a movie in which there is a world ending threat, and at the beginning of the movie its not that interesting because surely they arent gonna end the movie with the earth exploding. But then throughout the movie its slowly dawns on you, shit, they might end the whole world. I loved that movie

  3. you could also argue that infinity war didnt have a totally inconceivable threat since killing half the world doesnt necessarily mean killing the specific characters that will appear in future films, so technically we didnt know which way it would go

  4. The world will never end this is what was already in the comic book world
    Just imagine. How does screenplay comes off the books the purpose way of Storytelling when villains have a Persona against the world. It was just written any in the
    Books did Tell stories on the Silver Screen

  5. Infinity War works because the audience is invested in the characters over multiple movies. It works because there was a very believable threat that we watched become the end he promised or it becomes so immense and we watch our heroes struggle to repel the event.

  6. In the Eternal's case, knowing the world won't end makes the outcome compelling and I think the whole premise worked. The consequences of a celestial just chillin out in the Indian ocean for the people of Earth and its superheroes is something I'm excited to see them acknowledge in future films and shows. Knowing that this has happened to countless lives countless times and this planet survived it? Talk about a mindfuck.

  7. Marvel and DC being multiverses kills the enjoyment for me, since there are no real stakes unless the story decides to yeet said multiverse. Otherwise there's just another Earth with different versions of the same characters for us to visit, and thus not really a lot of tension or care left over for me.

  8. I don’t know how but lord of the rings somehow keeps you in suspense about the world ending even though in about any other film the world ending would pretty much be certain not to happen. When Frodo didn’t throw the ring into mount doom I actually for a second though they were going to lose. How does lotr do that?

  9. I’m gonna be honest about 2 objective facts:
    -The Gender-Swapping that Marvel and Disney do right now
    is objectively unhealthy. It’s mental. Those that think it’s Equality dont know what Equality is. Wiping a gender from the screen isnt suddenly good just because it’s not the gender that you think is most-opressed. If you want all movies forever to only have 1 gender (REGARDDDDLESSSS of WHICH Gender) that makes you Sexist because of the objective, google-able Defintion of said Word.
    -All sides are flawed, every group has their fare share of d-wits, but one side has more and thats those that fall for one the silliest Strawmans in the History of Strawmans:
    ‚The Purist’. Or as unbiased people call it: the real, normal fans,
    who actually know s-it about the franchise/s in question.
    People say lots of dumb stuff, like ‚The Woke destroyed Doctor Who BY making the Doctor Female! IF only it was a male Actor, everything would be fine and dandy!!’.
    And yeah, that’s pretty silly, but please note that those are sexists and outsiders.

    But our side, the side rightfully saying Go Woke, go Broke,
    has less mental people than the side that is so immature and unhealthy that it says it’s a good thing to trigger the life-long Fans and all such. The Side that uses the Purist Strawman OR even goes completly off the Rails and makes the world crin-e with claims beyond stupidity, like „ALL who criticize this are Sexist, Racist Bigotry-Dudes!!“

    Man, i cant even summarize this: just ask Nerdrotic how people try to shift the Blame.
    Common-Sense-Check: If you inherit a giant Franchise and it fails because of the Changes you made, YOU are the Problem. If your mental problems then tell you to blame the Fans, like LOTR-Fans are literally blames right now for not liking ‚changes for the worse’ then you need a Therapist.

    Seriously, it makes me sick to my stomache to see the Woke-Agenda make an open, not-secret but even openly-stated and literally-tweeted effort to ‚replace man with woman’.
    If you want Representation, which is a totally normal thing to want and let’s not forget Equality is actually a good thing and only bad IF it’s twisted (which it is in Hollywood), then you should be against making every single Superhero female.
    Cause… uhm… that’s damn-sexist? You all do know that sexism isnt just ‚against Woman’, yeah? I mean, you would have to have ZERO CLUE what Seixsm or Equlaity are to think that 100% of Woman-Actors isnt blatantly-sexist and acutally fights Sexism. I mean, 0 clue. As in ‚objectively wrong’. Yes, the dreaded O-Word.

  10. I think the only time this sort of story telling worked was with Infinity War and Endgame. While Thanos does lose in the end, so much is changed and lost in the battle against him that it never feels like things will just go back to normal like they were before the films

  11. Eternals has probably the worst ever "end of the world" scenario. Revealing that the earth was actually an incubator for a planet-sized android has zero impact, especially after all the other world-ending threats before it and it undermines all the sacrifices of the heroes of those stories. The supposed dilemma that the android will go on to create new planets and new life isn't a dilemma, as it's explained that life only exists as nourishment for the androids, thus we have no reason to side with them.

  12. I think they shouldn't have killed Shang Chi's Dad. They should have done something like merge him with a dragon or some kind of darker form of his dad and then Shang Chi has to make the choice to whether kill his dad or somehow save him from the dragon.