UN Secretary-General Guterres: "The war goes beyond Ukraine" | DW News

UN Secretary-General Guterres: "The war goes beyond Ukraine" | DW News

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sounded the alarm that war in Ukraine is now impacting the most vulnerable worldwide.

In remarks at the UN, Guterres said the “the war goes beyond Ukraine” and the “sword of Damocles hangs over the global economy, especially in the developing world.”

Russia and Ukraine supply half of the world’s sunflower oil and 30% of the world’s wheat. Ukraine provides more than 50% of the World Food Programme’s wheat supply.

“Food, fuel, and fertilizers prices are skyrocketing. Supply chains are being disrupted, and cost and delays the transportation of important foods when available are at record levels. And all of this is hitting the poorest the hardest and planting the seeds for political instability and unrest around the world,” he said.

The UN chief again called for an end to the fight and “serious negotiations.”

“Ukraine is on fire, the country is being decimated before the eyes of the world. The impact of civilians is reaching terrifying proportions. Countless innocent people, including women and children, are being killed,” he said.

Guterres said the UN was going to allocate a further $40 million (€43.9 million) from its Central Emergency Response fund to ramp up humanitarian assistance for Ukraine.

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  1. Why West nations giving military help to Ukraine so that war goes on?? UN need to talk to West nations & US to force Zekanskyy talk to Russia!! Where was UN when US invaded Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan??

  2. NATO America and the allies are trying to rob Russia of Crimea and their natural gas. I bet a trillion dollars America and the allies are using ISIS troops to stir up things and claim Russia is getting violent when they are using the same old tactics to get their way. They will use ISIS troops to kill women and children to make Putin look bad. Truth period

  3. All these so-called world leaders need to stop talking , stop speculating, and started doing.

    Start by giving Predident Zelenskyy the things he asked for.
    MiG-29s and close the Ukraine sky.
    Too many innocent lives lost already.

    Stand up to Putin!

  4. the arms dealers had to have a way of selling all their obsolete arms so they can start selling the more advanced hardware the jets are up to speed so leave them of the table for a few years its like giving the kids sparklers on the forth of july when they want rockets and mortars bankers and corporations manufacturing arms are the evil in this world do you think the citizens will be able to keep their guns they will probable round them up and shred them all so they can sell new ones that are different making all that surplus ammunition obsoleet they are the ones who dont want peace so they spread hate and discontent how many countries allow their citizens to carry arms to defend themselves they will arm you when they need more money i dont know if i made any sense but i put my hundred bucks worth in

  5. We have departed from nature the natural laws of syncronisity. Now we separate from each other. Sad times with this ego driven maniac… Putin. There are more and many but he is the most dangerous right now. Stop him

  6. playing coward with putin not getting planes to Ukraine not forcing russia to open a humanitarian corridor that is what will make putin go nuclear – cowardice will be the death of us all

  7. The Fox camera man and newsman and the documentarian were all experienced. Putin is targeting civilians and the press. This is the most dangerous assignment due to Putin’s disregard for human life.

  8. BMW and Volkswagen are suspending factories across Europe due to a shortage of parts imported from Ukraine, writes the Financial Times
    The US is satisfied with the weakening of the EU and Russia.
    Germans! Congratulations! Support Nazism in Ukraine further. Soon Putin will turn off your gas and you will be completely happy.

  9. No they're not…. NATO only has 40000 to commit to a war with Russia. Hey, you don't want the "Imperialist Colonizers" to come in there and police the World, remember? So, good luck with that….

  10. Sorry but he has failed in his job as secretary General of UN. He has taken a side and as the world's top diplomat he finds himself a spectator. That was why the secretary General was always from other regions bar Europe and USA.


    This cannot succeed under Moscow's guidance. Even assuming that the Russian army, with the help of mercenaries, took control of the war situation in the entire territory of Ukraine, it would still be the loser of the Russian Federation, I will explain why. Suppose the war or military operation is over. Moscow has sent its "henchmen" to the stools of the state office in Ukraine and they are active, "BUT" Ukrainian society, which has suffered such unimaginable wounds, no revenge, adding to this the citizens of Ukraine who were outside their country and are in need of revenge for the murder of their families, return to their homeland to avenge, that is, military, Russian cars leaving the military base go up into the air, the tanks will not reach the training ground, because they will end up in the same way. The military base itself will be bombed in a very precise manner, with the help of drones, also seeing the base's movement through the satellite, i.e. the mortality rate among the Russian military will still be high. And the pro-Russian government in Ukraine will keep changing from incessant attacks on them, decades of blowing up military equipment, along with soldiers. Finally, every Moscow henchman will dodge the presidential nomination for fear of the inevitable attack. It will end up with a government that is half and half Ukrainian and half pro-Moscow. And the soldiers will leave Ukraine, only the part of the Russian army that is absolutely necessary to reduce their mortality will remain. So, to sum up, Putin can only achieve Ukraine half and half, in the best option for him, or not at all, even with the help of mercenary troops, but it is a pity for so many dead and wounded. So we will have a repeat from Afghanistan 🙁 (A023)

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