Sport In Germany: Football, The Olympics And A Doping Scandal | Meet The Germans

Sport In Germany: Football, The Olympics And A Doping Scandal | Meet The Germans

Germany has a worldwide reputation as a soccer nation.
This week on Meet the Germans, Rachel finds out how football came to Germany and how women’s football has developed.

But it’s not ALL about soccer… tune in for lots of summer and winter Olympic action, sports clubs and a look at East Germany’s doping scandal.

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life.
Every two weeks she explores a new topic – from unusual bans to meaty cuisine or haunted castles. This week: sports in Germany.

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  1. Rachel, greetings from Leipzig and thank you once again. I went to Beverley Grammar School in East Yorkshire in the 1950s and spent my training as a dissident by getting out of sports. I could never the see the point of kicking a ball round a muddy field on a winter's afternoon.

  2. Motorsport didn't even get a mention? The home of the car and arguably the best racing driver in history in the form of Micheal Schumacher and it wasn't even mentioned? C'mon

  3. Dear Ausländerbehörde, please award wonderful Rachel with dual citizenship! Neither DW nor Rachel will ever wish you anything bad despite your strange bureaucracy that I, as a German, will never understand.
    Very interesting topic – however, zillions of joggers may feel a little bit underrepresented. Nonetheless – job very well done, as always. What I like best though, is the diversity of your interview partners, and yes: GER is a colorful nation – literally! Keep up your positivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Interestingly the coach of the Indian athlete who won gold in Tokya Olympics in javelin throw is also a German!
    Added an international angle to it with relevance to coaching in Germany!

  5. Well, I somehow missed the mentioning of tennis – Steffi Graf, anybody? – and (formula 1) car racing, where Germany have a track record in, too. And don't forget about table tennis, ice hockey and in-door cycling…

  6. I feel like I know a bit about video production and presenting, and these DW Videos from Rachel are absolutely world class in both. I always learn interesting stuff and they are so engaging from start to finish. Keep it up!

  7. In 1972 Olympic games, both German Nations did Doping. It was known from GDR. Therefore, West-Germany wouldn't be blame and did Doping as well.

    Turnvater Jahn initiated Gym for everybody, because Military want's to make war and needs fit soldiers!

  8. Since I'm a massive handball fan, I have to say that I love the fact I can watch the German handball bundesliga in Denmark, where THW, SG Flensburghandewitt and Füchse Berlin are amazing teams to watch, and when we talk about German sport heroes I don't think so really. The only ones should be the handball referee couple Tobias Tönnies and Robert Schulze, they're an awesome couple on the pit

  9. Loved the episode, as always!
    Are you planning on making a video on the different dialects AND accents here in Germany?
    Would be fun to see your take on that!

  10. Imagine needing to equate the glory of the state with Olympic performance. All countries take pride in their citizens' Olympic achievements, but the communist countries took this pride to another level. Olympic performance was transformed into a pillar of the state's legitimacy. This politicization of the Olympics continues in Russia and China today.

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