Russian missile attacks destroy Lviv aircraft facility in western Ukraine | DW News

Russian missile attacks destroy Lviv aircraft facility in western Ukraine | DW News

Russian forces were fighting in the center of Mariupol, the Russian defense ministry said. “In Mariupol, units of the Donetsk People’s Republic, with the support of the Russian armed forces, are squeezing the encirclement and fighting against nationalists in the city center,” the ministry said in Moscow. By seizing the strategic port city, Russian President Vladimir Putin could create a corridor between Russia, the Donbas area, and Crimea and take full control of the Sea of Azov. Mariupol has been besieged for weeks and has endured relentless shelling by the Russians. On Wednesday, Mariupol’s theater was destroyed during a bombardment. Russia denied striking it. Italy said it would rebuild it.

Several missiles hit an aircraft maintenance facility in Lviv, according to Mayor Andriy Sadovyi. He wrote on Telegram work in the plant had stopped before the strike and no casualties were reported. A bus repair facility was also hit in the strike. The Ukrainian air force’s western command said the missiles that hit Lviv were launched from the Black Sea. The city near the Polish border has been spared the worst of the Russian attacks so far. However, last weekend, Russian troops launched multiple air raids on a large Ukrainian military facility outside the city, killing at least 35 people.

The EU said that potential “war crimes” in Ukraine would be investigated and prosecuted, joining top US figures in labeling Moscow’s actions thus. The search for survivors continued at the Mariupol theater, which was bombed on Wednesday, with Ukrainian lawmaker Dmytro Gurin telling DW that the attack was “deliberate.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Bundestag, telling the German parliament that “help came too late to stop war.” He also criticized the German government over its economic ties with Russia. Local officials said shelling of the town of Merefa, outside the city of Kharkiv, killed at least 21 people and injured 25. Bilateral talks also continued between Russia and Ukraine, albeit with neither side saying very much publicly on Thursday.

00:00 Latest developments
06:20 Devastation in Mariupol
10:00 Ukrainian MP Yevheniia Kravchuk
16:00 Schwarzenegger campaigns for peace
17:50 Is Russia taking peace talks seriously?
23:30 NATO military maneuvers in Norway


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DW News

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  1. In the field 'mattisse' which to me is a painting…what is a 'potentially' military used target, an obvious large probably tenement housing unit with a broken down elevator most likely. In what world would a military climb stairs or store anything in one of these buildings

  2. Why Germany does not want to close NOrd Stream 1 and block gas and oil imports from Russia ?

    Will they close until the Russian army is on the streets of Berlin ?

    Has Germany not learned anything from history ?

    It is with German and French money that Putin is killing children in Ukraine !!!

    Mr. Scholz, please wake up at last !!!


  3. Die Ukraine wurde spätestens seit Beginn 2021 zu einer Diktatur umgebaut, in der alle oppositionellen Fernsehsender und kritische Internetseiten per Dekret verboten und der Chef der stärksten Oppositionspartei unter Hausarrest gestellt wurde. Auch politische Morde waren in der Ukraine nach 2014 keine Seltenheit mehr. All das wird im Westen durch die Propagandamedien einfach verschwiegen, weil es nicht in ihr Lügennarrativ passt.

  4. The government of Ukraine should cancel its ban on men leaving the country. To maintain it will violate the freedom of conscience of any man who wishes to flee due to a conscientious objection to killing others.

    In relation to LGBTQI+ people, the ban could also be regarded as preventing people with a well founded fear of persecution from fleeing to seek refuge outside Ukraine.

  5. In this context, Ukraine must remain mindful of the legality of its own practice. The ban on men leaving Ukraine ought to be lifted, because it is legally and ethically wrong to force civilians to stay in harm’s way when they have the opportunity and desire to escape.

  6. Follow the Money… Putin is making and will make tons of money through hidden accounts and Oligarchs. He controls so many different industries, prolong war will benefit his industries immensely.
    – Oil/gas price increase
    – Manipulating financial and stock markets
    – Arm dealing
    – Arm Manufacturing
    – Taking over prime land for free by killing and displacing owners
    – Construction and sale of infrastructure, hospitals, buildings, real estate in future, in those area (every aspect from material to construction to sale)
    – Taking over natural resources
    – Creating local oligarchs to feed his greed and hide his money.

    The list goes on.

  7. Putin will pay with the lives of his illegitimate children. And his own.
    His days are numbered. Moscow will be razed to the ground. And renamed
    It will become giant golf course for Europe and especially ujkaine

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