The Hungarian border village helping Ukraine's refugees: ’Humans are all the same’

The Hungarian border village helping Ukraine's refugees: ’Humans are all the same’

In the village of Beregsurány, on the Hungary-Ukraine border, a crowd of volunteers are tending to refugees flooding in, cooking them pancakes, and helping them to continue their journeys.
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In contrast to the refugee crisis of 2015, the Hungarian media is celebrating those helping, and welcoming the new arrivals. John Domokos meets the villagers and displaced Ukrainians of all ages, who’ve suffered traumas, and are coming to terms with life never being the same again.

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  1. Ukraine has been invaded by Russia since 2004. Increasingly, other parts of Ukraine are illegally annexed by Russia. Despite this, Ukraine has been fighting for so many years ALONE for its state for its nation. UKRAINE NEEDS AID, AID TO UKRAINE IS THE AID TO THE WORLD AT THE SAME TIME. Russia is sending Ukrainians from eastern Ukraine forcibly to the island of Sahalin, 8.000 km from Ukraine.

  2. Its pretty amazing to see how countries that used to be under the russian yoke, receives refugees from that same regime… They KNOW what it is like… it is heartwarming to see… Go Humanity…

  3. Thank goodness these refugees are white and european looking else this video would have been very different. No migration crisis or troops at the border shooting at those trying to flee a war zone anymore. Amazing!

  4. Europe, the cradle of hypocrisy. And greedy, hungry Hungary of yesterday when Afghans and Syrians were knocking on the door being the generous one today. Meh.

  5. I would advise that Russia-loving girl from Odessa to seek refuge in russia but she went to Europe instead! She could speak russian every day! Thank you Hungary!

  6. the world is still appalled by the biological laboratories that are in Ukraine, where Hunter Biden is involved, the world deserves an explanation about what was being investigated in those facilities. The media either ignored it or were told to shut up.

  7. People in authority: Take the money of Russian Oligarchs including Putin and use it to rebuild Mariupol, Kiev, Kharkiv, and all the cities battered by the Russian bombs. It is their moral duty to restore what they destroyed unprovoked.

  8. Given that Hungarians just reelected a Putin ally to head their country, I would suggest that the people of Hungary start listening very carefully to what Ukranians have to say about what Putin is doing to their homeland. Hungarians should be ashamed of themselves for keeping Orban in power at a time like this.

  9. Ungarn needs to make a choice.
    Either you are with EU or NATO.
    Or you are with Russia you don’t get to play both sides!

    If you choose Russia NATO should wipe you out!

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