The Myth of the Chinese Debt Trap in Africa

The Myth of the Chinese Debt Trap in Africa

Over the past two decades, China has built large infrastructure projects in almost every country in Africa, making Western powers uncomfortable amid wider concerns about Beijing’s investments across the continent. However, a deeper look shows that accusations of so-called debt trap diplomacy turn out to be unfounded.

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  1. im glad that i can see both sides because the west hasn't already made it clear they will interfere in African politics for selfish gain with people like Gadhafi which he had his falls but he sent the country in a brighter direction and they left Libya in an shocking state

  2. US and its allies talk or force their democratic is nothing when any African state democratic elected a leader with value that is not in line with US, they will be punished or replaced by force, and you called this western democratic values. Typical western double standard and hypocrisy.

  3. It's not myth , it's scenario made by the west to curb china's influence . Now everyone knows the west true color . Capitalism will not win , it's not win win solution . High cost economy will eventually crumble .

  4. Facts prove that in the near future, China will overtake the USA by far. Just compare the costs of production, wage or salary rate per hour and cost of living per day. Soon, Americans will have to exploit developing countries more to sustain itself.

  5. The West coins creative word to frighten the poorer nations of the world, such as DEBT-TRAP while US do it indirectly through IMF! One example is Sri Lanka when China owns 10% of its national debt while Japan controls 11% and the rest from IMF! But debt-trap is tagged on Chinese lending…this type of political manipulation will not fail to attract notice from the world!!!

  6. The biggest debt trap is from the west not China. The west are liers! China has no racism, doesn't interfere in internal maters and no double standards. China is the best economic partner for Africa!! Period!

  7. Someone is directing the Chinese. Chinese are puppets, learn who the puppetmasters are. Name who is financing and directing (and benefitting) from Chinese bloodsucking of African resources. Who are the Chinese bankers,,,HSBC,? City of London?, BIS,? hahahaha. Things never change. Some entity is pulling the Chinese strings, after Chinese stole all American technology. Chinese mercantilism is being directed and financed and is benefitting someone besides China….is it Israel and the Rothschild's,? Is it the East Indis Co.? It is some hidden entity, probably the same banksters that destroyed Libya, and stole all it's gold.

  8. Uganda is about to lose the Entebbe airport because they owe China and these people are saying Chinese debt is a myth. But then again, I shouldn't be surprised that a news outlet partially owned by the Chinese would say this.

  9. Wow, this is so biased. I mean, yeah, we Chinese are not running a charity, we do stuff for a profit, and we don't care if our counterparts profit or not. But one thing that you Westerners should know is that the West is even worse. The west especially France and England still own most natural resources in Africa, Western NPOs use so-called " Humanitarian Aid" by selling cheaply priced food to crush the local agricultural industries, and that's just only one of many examples. You never see the West apologize for colonizing Africa and so many lives lost from brutal colonial rules like what happened in Congo. Videos like this make you biased and make your thoughts stale and rigid. I'm not trying to tell you that China is kind or what so ever, the world is not binary. There is darkness because there is light, there can be no evil without kindness. We Chinese have our own interests and we do things for a reason, if you don't like it, then compete with us under the rule of survival instead of your Western rules.

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