As NATO weighs its options: Who can help Ukraine? | To the Point

As NATO weighs its options: Who can help Ukraine? | To the Point

In Putin’s war on Ukraine, there is no end to the bombing, nor the bloodshed. As civilian casualties mount, Europeans look on in frustration at Western inability to halt the fighting.

NATO is doing all it can to avoid being drawn in. EU members are divided over how far to go with weapons deliveries and sanctions. Today we ask: “As NATO weighs its options: Who can help Ukraine?”

Our guests: Gwendolyn Sasse (political scientist), Markus Kaim (security expert), Wojciech Szymanski (DW)


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  1. Who can help Ukraine its common knowledge the right drones destroy vehicles too. Ukraine could ask America for 5 or more drones and have someone like him train the Ukranians. Simply read the book Drone Warrior an Elite Soldiers Inside Account of The Hunt For America s Most Dangerous Enemies by Brett Velicovich once you start reading this amazing book you can t put it down. And soon to be a major motion picture.

  2. Poljskoj je najbolje da bude u ovom ratu da bude neutralna a ne da mnogo slusa nato da ih rusi nesravnjaju nato se samo busa pobeci ce kad bude gusto pa ce te kao Ukrajina proci nista nista naucili do sada nato vam samo prodaje oruzje i koristi radi americki interesa a ovde zbog propagande zapada ste u problemu zbog izbeglica treba tu da vam vas poslodavac pomogne a to je Bajden da vam da novac

  3. Ken it was just a suggestion and decent alternative. It doesn t look like Nato is going to give Ukraine those fighter jets they have been asking for but without them they have been doing an amazing job. Not easy when you don t control the sky's over your own country but your enemy does.

  4. Its possible that in a worst case scenario this might be the beginning of "WW 3", or at least potentially. I just want to say that to everyone out there who is reading my comment with out exception, to take this WAR very seriously and stop being quick to criticize. Trust me when I tell that 1) The Americans know exactly what they are doing 2) NATO knows exactly what they are doing 3) United Nations knows exactly what they are doing 4) Germany knows exactly what they are doing 5) United Kingdom knows exactly what they are doing. 6) And the Honorable President Zelensky of Ukraine knows exactly what he is doing. Therefore I urge everyone out who are trying to put their 2 cents into this WAR to keep your opinion to yourselves (no disrespect), because we have military people in every level who are trained to do their JOB. We have tens of thousands of soldiers out there from NATO (every country), we don't need you opinion as to how they should do there job. They are trained, they have ranks and files, they follow the chain of command, they have a protocol and they have a plan, so relax, I know you care, but slow down, let them do their job, give them elbow space: THANK YOU!!!

  5. Any country invaded by a larger nuclear power aggressor would deeply appreciate weapons to defend their family, homes, homeland and freedom. The majority of the rest of the world cannot imagine what the families of Ukraine are having to endure, from the unprovoked attack of their brother Putin.

  6. Having a brutal dictator brother like Putin, the Ukrainians have turned to extended family members for protection of their innocent lives. Wouldn't there be fewer wars and needless destruction if the commander that ordered the first shot fired was eliminated as a threat by those receiving the order? Why not give peace a chance?

  7. And here just arises the very question that Europe does not dare to voice: so, maybe the point of sanctions is not to deprive Russia of Europe, but on the contrary – to deprive Europe of Russia? Because America wants to completely subjugate this market to itself and not share it with anyone?.. And then, in fact, the sanctions are no longer anti-Russian, but anti-European? But you shouldn't ask about it: the hegemon will get angry.

  8. It good to see the people of Europe protesting to get Nato out good move this will stop the killing and having a full scale war in Europe
    The people have show leadership
    Good work the people of Europe but get everyone onboard

  9. China can't afford its economy hit.Its not easy to feed 1.4 billion.The entire world is cutting back on supporting communist nations.For the first time in 40 years.They should take east Russia back.

  10. The world will be in danger
    Poland and everyone else will
    Be a target for people like Putin.
    Anything you can do to neutralize
    The origin of threat is definitely the
    Way to go.

  11. Putin doesn’t have any confidence
    In his military..when a leader objects
    In equipment assist weather A/C
    Or field equipment shod weekends
    And lack of confidence..The more
    Reason we should provide it..
    Show us what you can do in
    The field against our weapons…

  12. Russia and Ukraine have nothing to gain from this conflict. There is a mental gap between the English-speaking and the Slavs. Because English speakers attribute their aggressiveness to the Slavs. Don't touch us and the conflict will fade away very quickly. Defense of the territory and counterattack, economic integration – the historical strategy of the Slavs. To provoke a war and attack, to create a situation of potential threat, lobbying is a historical strategy of English speakers. Minimizing damage and finding allies, giving up right away, cultural penetration is the strategy of the Europeans. Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are not globally aggressive to the Slavs, there are no problems. Zelensky is an actor at war. Zelensky has caused enormous damage to his country. (USA+Europe+Turkey+Ukraine)-(Russia+DNR+LNR+Belarus+Armenia+Kazakhstan+Kyrgyzstan+Tajikistan)-(China+India)=? Interestingly, there is no threat to Europe except their own fear. Europe looks like a self-convinced coward.

  13. Why not open volunteer or hired experienced armies from NATO countries to fight with Ukranian fighters beside the weapons send.

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