We need to talk about these floods | with Sue Higginson

We need to talk about these floods | with Sue Higginson

In which I talk with Lismore local, farmer, mother/grandmother, and kickass environmental lawyer Sue Higginson about the incredible community response to these devstating floods; the acts of heroism that saved hundreds of lives; Morrison’s shitty visit to Lismore and the woeful governmenmt response; as well as the Sharma v Sussan Ley federal court case, and more.

This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad: https://youtu.be/PvFy2TuPDaw

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00:00 Giordano Intro
01:56 Sue Higginson, welcome
04:15 Experiencing the Lismore Floods
09:29 The “Tinnie”
14:01 Preparing for climate disasters like this
15:43 The government’s failure to respond
19:48 Scott Morrison’s Lismore visit
23:40 The coming election
27:32 Sharma v Environemnt Minister court case
35:45 Sue’s turn to politics
40:51 Thank you, Sue
41:17 Giordano Conclusion

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📜 Captions transcribed by Jesse Dowse

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  1. This is most likely man made disaster… read up on CLOUD SEEDING, something that is actually legalised in Australia, not a climate change thing at all

  2. Am rewatching this – it’s so unbelievably appalling that these people were and continue to be neglected in this way. You’re so right, Giordano, the only disaster this man cares about is an electoral one! Thank goodness for people like you and Sue who are so competent and willing to communicate on their behalf!!

  3. How do we use the law to protect people from the effects of climate change? Simple write laws which make the fossil fuel companies the first victims of the climate change they are responsible for.

  4. Ive been watching regenerative land/agriculture, flood controll and slowin down the water.. maybe this will slow down the fires and floods in australia. A lot of work but it works

  5. the climate change cult love attributing everything to their cause… your really gonna link the flood and fires to climate change ? the town was built on an flood plain.. and there was poor forest management in regards to the fires.. reduced or zero controlled burn offs etc… and furthermore the trees were covered in combustable aluminium fibres from years of Geoengineering

  6. This is so called karma.
    What ur government have done to other country is done to ur environment now.
    Good to see food in Australia.
    Come bigger higher and stronger.

  7. Why is this only on youtube and hasn't been on main stream telly . We all need to see this . Fuck the fed gov . it"s the people who have to do the job of cleaning up and surviving .

  8. I love you guys and your videos, they really are amazing. But please don't do what you did during the last election and claim that the liberals and Labor are the same. Because over the last 3 years we've learnt one thing they're not. They both have their flaws, however Labor is no where close to being the shit show that is the Liberal party.

  9. Honestly as someone currently in High school it is insulting that there is an 'assumption' that kids and young adults do not have the 'right' to fight for our future. Just because your not allowed a vote or technically a adult doesn't mean we shouldn't a say in our future.

  10. Shit sandwich coming up… love your humour, nicely satirical, you seem able to see right through the illusions of the 'control system' and take the piss accordingly. Brilliant! And yet you have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the man-made global warming psyop. And are heavily invested in this con, interviewing climate experts and such. They are more conditioned than most anyone else in their compartmentalised ivory tower of Empire. FFS peolpe… it's just the sun!!! And our real problem is cooling, not warming!!! Not to mention of course the ongoing polar excursions, which are speeding up incidentally

  11. If you look at the Army recruitment ads, they pride themselves on setting up emergency aid facilities for disasters…overseas. Tents, doctors, nurses etc…overseas. Where was the Army in all this? Rapid Response Force? Where were the tents, food, water for the flood victims right here in Australia. And don't get me wrong. This is not the Army's fault. It's the dickheads in government who give the orders to the Army, namely the Chief Dickhead, Scumo. Heaven help us if we are ever invaded, because if we can't effectively respond to disasters in our own back yard, what hope have got? Major changes are needed to the way we use our military. They are supposed to be protecting "the Australian People" first and foremost.

  12. The Earth is cooler with the atmos/GHGs/albedo not warmer.

    To perform as advertised the GHGs require “extra” energy upwelling from the surface radiating as a black body.

    The kinetic heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmos molecules render that scenario impossible.

    No greenhouse effect, no GHG warming, no man/CO2 driven climate change or Gorebal warming.

  13. Clearly you won't vote for these dicks, but please consider who you WILL vote for. The usual 2 parties, present in most countries, is a tired model. Please take a look at the emerging parties and vote for one of them.. It's time to try a new tack, and don't worry about a new party not knowing what to do – the usual 2 don't either. Time to change your brand of cigarettes and get tattoed !! Time for change.

  14. A compelling narration of the heartache, lack of support and infrastructure – it saddens me deeply that it is being blamed on climate change – all part of United Nations, Sustainable Energy, etc. Start looking at the sky, research on cloud seeding, chemtrails, geo-engineering that has been going on long before any of us existed on this earth – Bill Gates investments into 'covering up the sun'. Wake up to the fact this was an orchestrated event with geoengineering. I am so tired of people not doing their research into this. I am sorry, but I cannot stand listening any longer when Climate change agenda is the excuse. When are people going to wake up to this reality.

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