"We should have known something is coming" – German politician warns on Putin | DW News

"We should have known something is coming" – German politician warns on Putin | DW News

Germany’s coordinator for transatlantic relations says Europe faces a “watershed moment” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a special interview, Michael Link says Vladimir Putin has created an “increasingly paranoid dictatorial structure… more and more directed to one person.” He says the West missed warning signs going back at least to 2007. And he sets out the urgency of Europe paying more for its own defense – and the US shoring up its democracy.

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DW News

DW News


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  1. Wow, I wish our politicians were not only this educated about the subject matter being discussed, but this amazingly well-spoken and articulate.

    Rarely have I seen answers to such difficult and politically charged questions in an interview given in such a manner that it proverbially walks the listener through the person's argument and point of view in a diplomatic way. This approach clearly tries to convince the other side instead of attacking and demeaning it. It's also, whether you agree to it or not, is a easy to listen to and take in.

    What a pleasant alternative to the constant anger filled rhetoric and whining of many politicians in the U.S.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to see more U.S. politicians be this diplomatic and articulate when answering the same type of questions. At a minimum, it would be a positive example to children who increasingly see communication skills as unnecessary.

  2. Tatsächlich gibt es Möglichkeiten, Recht zu haben, die falsch sind, und NAT0 und die Vereinigten Staaten haben dies seit Jahrzehnten bewiesen. Wenn man stark ist und sich stark fühlt, muss man nicht darauf abzielen, das zu vernichten, was wir als kriegerische Kräfte bezeichnen können. Was in der Ukraine passiert, hat die Menschheit in die Vergangenheit zurückversetzt, anstatt vorwärts in Richtung Fortschritt zu gehen: Der „coole“ Weg hat viel Unterstützung und zunehmende Ausdrucksformen gefunden, wurde aber weiterhin ignoriert, denn wenn Finanzen und Kontrolle Priorität haben, ist Frieden als Mittel und nicht als Ziel gesehen.

  3. Asking for identification in order to vote is not a threat to voters rights. You need identification to use a credit card to buy pizza. By that same standard companies are taking away the rights of pizza eaters. It's just a smoke screen to continue to facilitate election fraud.

  4. I'm always impressed that so many Europeans speak English rather. As an American I feel so bad that our education system does such a poor job of teaching foreign languages….

  5. There is no increasing paranoia of Putin, Putin is completely paranoid now more than ever! More so now that Putin is having large casualties of his military troops, military hardware and now Ukraine has now done offensives against Russian troops and even inside Russian territory. Not to say that the whole world and NATO is more than ever united against Putin and his regime, and that there are dissatisfaction and demonstrations of Russians inside Russia’s cities.

  6. The pandemic and this war in Ukraine once again remind us we can't afford to live only in the short-term.
    The interviewee sticks to facts and is not defensive or trying to score points. Maybe because he's not trying to get re-elected.

  7. So refreshing to hear a European acknowledge The US' pivotal role as the substantial security ally. It seems that Europe as a whole is beginning to wake up to their necessity for their own independent security.

  8. I understand ,if not mistaken, the U.S. has 500 years of natural gas in our ground ! Can't we drill some more for gas or LNG to help Europe change over their dependence on Russian energy ????

  9. Russian people have been ruled by autocrats for two millennium.
    Ivan the Terrible Peter the Great Stalin and now Putin.
    They got a little taste of freedom and democracy right after the break up but then Putin worked his way in and they are back to a dictatorship.
    Russian people have access to social media now.

  10. I wish we had a government official
    As cool and informed in our gov.
    Biden should learn from this man
    That we could replace their energy
    Need if he was to reverse his energy
    Policy…America and Allie’s need the
    Energy to fight EVIL.!!!

  11. Get rid of all weapons stop wars there are no winners only country world has to worry about is China they should help the homeless an starving people ,, instead the dictator spent money on weapons to protect himself of a dangerous threat being his own country against the world again if China goes to war China will lose millions on lives for no reason , we live in a modern forwarding future but these old men are stuck in passed never no how to forgive an forget , no weapons , an foremost nobody or no world leader owns any land on earth it belongs to Mother Earth

  12. Germany is sending 800,000,000 Euro every day for their gas to Putin because they say cutting off russian gas is too drastic and would bring social unrest. So yes – Germany as usual is profeteering on human blood, as in WW2 – as they were supplied by russians with gas and oil to run the war destroy, kill and pilage. Remember that when you are buying german products you are paying Putin. Every euro you spend on a german product a bomb falls on Ukraine paid by you.

  13. The idea' of not relying on Russia and Russian oil, not depending on, could be directly attributed to the Trump administration and beyond that, the implementation through to the time we are, now in with the current administration. A good sign that there are individuals in the world in regards politics who understand it is not about the political differences in ideology or getting caught up in the US Politics game, but striving to, trying to work together with whoever is elected to get things accomplished.

  14. When World Power, understands human relationship in connection with working together, so as to create an atmosphere of cooperation and future goals there will be less chance of the abuse of power and more of a sharing in success. Any part of the world within that of its own ability to exist as it exists and to contribute from that of its own place in the world, to the world.

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