Taliban reverses order on opening schools for girls | DW News

Taliban reverses order on opening schools for girls | DW News

The Taliban asked authorities to shutter girls out of middle and high schools in Afghanistan on Wednesday, according to notice by the Ministry of Education. “We inform all girls high schools and those schools that are having female students above class six that they are off until the next order,” the Ministry of Education notice said. The announcement came a day after the spokesman for the Education Ministry released a video congratulating students on returning to classes. The Education Ministry had announced it would open schools for all students, including girls, beginning Wednesday.
The notice added school for girls would reopen once a plan was drawn up in accordance with “Islamic law and Afghan culture.” Footage from Afghanistan media outlets showed girls breaking down in tears and protesting the sudden shift.

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  1. Biden left Taliban 80 Billion Dollars of Top Shelf US Military Hardware. Be thankful Bidens Bearded Buddy Boy Band isn't making a Spring European Tour. I'm not fond of how they treat Women, but we have done poor helping them get to Modernity. Beating people over the head is poor persuasion. Sanctions drive them to regression.
    We tried forcing them to be like us, we need to find a better approach to help improve Cultural Relations if we want to change the Dynamics. We can start by giving them back the 7 Billion Dollars we stole from them back.

  2. I thought Taliban this time will not prevent girls from education, but It’s totally devastating to hear that they are again going to show their previous face more forcefully. The world shouldn’t stay silence on the matter when it’s about girls education.

  3. 32.000.000 Afghans giving in to 85.000 sandal-fashionistas. Meanwhile, 40.000.000 Ukrainians fight 150.000.000 Russians.

    „People deserve the government they chose.“ And the Afghans are obviously very happy with the Taliban. Freedom is not a given. It is always in danger, and has to be fought for. One may feel sorry for these girls, but it’s their parents who are perfectly fine with the way things are going.

    The West shouldn’t be sending one cent until the Afghans retake their country from the terrorists.

  4. It's sad but what more can you do? NATO already spent so much time training their troops and their troops still suck. If they don't want it, it's futile for others to want it for them….

  5. No surprise at all. The Taliban thugs fear educated girls and women. Because that might lead to being forced into an intelligent conversation with women. Oh horror!
    So, back to whatever they invented as "Islam law". Shame on these barbarians.

  6. These girls, all of them, should run away to Western countries so that the Taliban will be deprived of sex, unless they resort to bestiality which is forbidden in Islam. Some western countries are short of men so these ladies should be welcomed.

  7. This is so sad. There is nothing to live for. Half the population wants to get educated and work but are not allowed to 🙁 You can't say that this is "their culture" when the Afghan girls and women have worked so hard in the last 20+ years to make advancements and want to continue. Obviously the Taliban are at fault. I also blame the greedy Afghan military leaders who took Western money and weapons yet failed to defend their country. The Taliban are setting this country back hundreds of years. I kind of wish the girls and women would get violent or poison the Taliban. For women and girls in Afghanistan, there is no future.

  8. We could go to war, teach the army how to fight, and give you a bunch of weapons to defend yourself so that the Taliban can't take advantage. Oh wait, we already did that. Your men rolled over like dogs so you are on your own now.

  9. So what now? Will the west help the girls to protect their rights? They went there to kill laden and destroy Taliban . They killed laden but they couldn't destroy Taliban and left the country in chaos. God bless afgan people with the equal rights and freedom.

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