Russia adds DW News to 'foreign agents' list | DW News

Russia adds DW News to 'foreign agents' list | DW News

Russia’s justice ministry has added Deutsche Welle to a list of media organisations it labels as “foreign agents”. That designation means DW is required to label anything published with a disclaimer. The term carries negative Soviet-era connotations in Russia, suggestive of spying. It’s not the first action taken against DW. In early February, Russia ordered the closure of our Moscow bureau and our website was blocked by Russia’s state communications regulator earlier this month.


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DW News

DW News


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  2. What does the word 'Agent' have to do with spying? The word has a definition and was used in its regular meaning?
    It just means someone is a contact of interaction between different entities.

  3. Better “foreign agent” than Soviret Troll Factory like every Russian media outlet…
    Whatever they say, they just lie as usual … if one adds together a bunch of psychopaths and gives them political powers, this what you get, no better example than the top Russian government.
    Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to candidate or ascend to any serious official position without a green light from a psychological medical examination.

  4. Can you blame them? I mean, who's telling the truth? Everybody acts it's all Putin's fault!!! I say bs!!! NATO was the initiator of the encroachment!!! The West always claims that there morality is unmatched but is it? I hearken back to the Iran-Contra fiasco. What was that about? Underhanded behaviour which is the norm for the way of things today. Stay strong and don't believe all you read or see on the various "boob-tubes".

  5. "It's not true of it's not in Pravda." The Russian citizenry are not taught many critical thinking skills (neither are American children) and thus single-source information from nowhere is fact.
    There is nothing new in any of this. The Soviet Union was closed to outside information as well (although bits and pieces of it made it through the curtain) for a half century

  6. I have always liked Deutsche Welle for your reporting. And I want to congratulate you for making the honor roll. It's a great sign that you are doing a great job on reporting on this terrible war.

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