Russia refuses to hand back more than 500 leased airplanes | DW News

Russia refuses to hand back more than 500 leased airplanes | DW News

Monday is the final call for Russian airlines to hand back hundreds of commercial aircraft to their foreign owners. EU sanctions mean leasing companies have had to cancel their contracts to supply Russian carriers with planes. Leased planes make up the majority of the Western-built commercial jets used by Russian airlines. There are more than 500 of them, with a combined value of some 10 billion dollars. While these planes have been unable to fly outside Russia due to sanctions banning them from European airspace, many are still flying domestic routes. And lessors are losing hope of actually getting them back. Russia’s transportation minister says the Kremlin will compensate owners for the aircraft, but there have reportedly been no negotiations so far, because any agreement would breach sanctions.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Germans were known for their honesty. Now, at the difficult time hide the truth by avoiding to say that the biggest theft was done by westerns countries to the Russians as they also avoided to say that the war started in 2014 by the extreme right wing of ukranians who were killing ukranian separatists in eastern Ukraine
    How much hypocrisy these days? I am ashamed to be regarded European anymore.

  2. Keep them all Russia. Exchange is no robbery.!!!! The worst theft in History is the stealing of Russian people's yachts by the Western regimes.

  3. Two years after the war, the American general asked the Serbian officer: "How was it to fight against the greatest force in the world? '' The Serbian officer replied, 'I do not know, we have never fought against Russia' in 1999 after Nato bombing Serbia.

  4. The biggest theft is the stealing of Russians private properties by US and NATO allies. What has individual Russian businessmen got to do with conflict?

  5. Sanctions that Europe started with that solves nothing, there is already evidence for that, but what Russia has confiscated is only 10 billion worth of planes, which is nothing compared what the West has done to Russia, 300 billion Euro/USD bank balances confiscated.

  6. To add to what TheBaldOne said. You engineer an anti Russian revolution in Ukraine, ban Russian language, remove Yanukovych, killing pro Russian people, killing more than 12k in donbass and push Putin to the limit where he has come knocking at your door. And all the confiscations and ask them to return planes. Nuts

  7. they don t be airworthy very soon, people wouldn t like to fly on those unmaintained planes, it s not just like pulling out when your car starts making funny noises

  8. How many Western planes are in Russia?

    The combined 800 or so total Western airliners in Russia (including wholly-owned aircraft) provide a potential pool of cannibalized spares even without external support. The fact that some spares may be used or “timed-out” is not a firm roadblock to their use by a Russian state carrier like Aeroflot.

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  10. The west seized millions of Russia Euro bonds and numerous yatchs and properties owned by private Russian citizens. Don't these count ? Your accusing fingers are always pointed at others. Just remember three fingers are pointed back at yourself. Try it. The losses of your sanctions also caused damages in export sales.
    You can lie to some ignorant people, but others know these facts. Nice try though.

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