Russia pledges to scale down military activity near Kyiv – to refocus towards the east?

Russia pledges to scale down military activity near Kyiv - to refocus towards the east?

Following the announcement earlier on Tuesday that Russia would cut back on its military actions around Kyiv and Chernihiv, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that the US believed some Russian troops had already left.
“Has there been some movement by some Russian units away from Kyiv in the last day or so? Yes, we think so. Small numbers,” Kirby told reporters.
“But we believe that this is a repositioning, not a real withdrawal, and that we all should be prepared to watch for a major offensive against other areas of Ukraine. It does not mean that the threat to Kyiv is over,” he added.

US President Joe Biden said he wasn’t convinced that Russia’s promise to cut back military operations around Kyiv will lead to a significant change in the conflict. “We’ll see if they follow through,” he told reporters after holding a phone call with the leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Italy. “There seems to be a consensus that let’s just see what they have to offer.” Russian negotiators pledged to scale back hostilities near Kyiv and the city of Chernihiv during talks with Ukraine in Turkey on Tuesday.


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  1. Talk of pease”lololo”you invaded a peaceful country and killed their citizens.your getting your @ss handed to you that’s why you want to talk.

  2. Why talk peace with Russia while they kill innocent civilians Piutin is buying time to attack again because of his defeat dont thrust putin just kill that snake

  3. We all know they are refocusing to the East because they suffered significant losses trying to take Kyiv. This was according to boots on the ground. Now they'll use the fighters in the separatist regions to fill in the losses. Russian can't deceive the world anymore.

  4. Overpowering Force will get the Russian's out of Ukraine and it will be overpowering force that keeps them out. Putin really just want's Ukrainian land and there is no truth in him, so negotiation is pointless.

  5. EVERYBODY TURNS ON PUTIN LIKE RABID DOGS FINALLY! yeah pick on someone your own size. you have been picking a fight with us your entire career. COWARD. ONLY COWARDS PICK FIGHTS THEY THINK THEY CAN WIN. THE WEST WILL TEAR YOU APART LIKE RABID DOGS. Ragdoll Putin

  6. How generous of these Russians to pledge to do what they have been forced to do by their complete and total humiliation on the battlefield. They should give a real pledge, like withdrawing all Russian and allied troops from Ukraine, and a guarantee to stop invading neighbouring countries.

  7. President Trump tried to shock our European allies into taking this current action and re-arming to a higher level. They laughed at him, or were angered. It is nice to see them adopting Trump's ideas now. Better later than never. I hope the change is permanent, and Russia is basically treated as a pariah from now on.

  8. I would sooner trust a Viper snake in my bed , than trust Putin , he has shown his true colours , the Russians are very brave & talk tough when they are attacking unarmed civilians .
    Deserting cowards against the Ukrainian army.
    Don't trust war criminal Putin !

  9. 悪には論理はありません、悪は病気です、それは黒のエネルギー、あなたの悪徳です!!! 悪は破壊されなければなりません!!!