Is Germany complicit in Putin's war in Ukraine? | DW News

Is Germany complicit in Putin's war in Ukraine? | DW News

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said Germany was “facing the consequences” of the new reality triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She stressed Europe’s need to have the US as an ally and friend. Despite the major pivot to increase defense spending in line with NATO goals and strengthen its own military in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she said Germany’s first choice would always be dialogue. “We will never presume to go it alone. We will always remain closely integrated in the European Union, in NATO, in the United Nations,” Lambrecht added. Lambrecht praised US President Joe Biden’s leadership in the global political crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, adding that Europe needs the US as a friend and ally.

Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Friday that the country is planning to almost completely end Russian energy imports by the end of the year. Habeck, a member of the Green Party, said the plan meant that a considerable amount of progress would be made in a short space of time, as the West is rushing to wean itself off Russian energy amidst the invasion of Ukraine. Before the war began and the subsequent heavy sanctions targeting Russia, Germany received 50% of its coal, 55% of its gas, and 35% of its oil from Moscow.


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  1. Germany is sending 800,000,000 Euro every day for their gas to Putin because they say cutting off russian gas is too drastic and would bring social unrest. So yes – Germany as usual is profeteering on human blood, as in WW2 – as they were supplied by russians with gas and oil to run the war destroy, kill and pilage. Remember that when you are buying german products you are paying Putin. Every euro you spend on a german product a bomb falls on Ukraine paid by you.

  2. As an American who could once criticize Germany viz NATO commitments, my answer to the question in the title is: NO. That Germany was late to the game cannot make Germany "complicit" in Putin's crimes. The overly facile hindsight-based reportage is sheer journalistic opportunism. IF it had all played out differently, Germany would probably have seemed like a stabilizing force i.e. anchoring Russia's interests to good east/west relations.

  3. nothing agaisnt german people but come on the german government is horrible.They should be the front runners against the war not giving ukraine a billion than turn around and send russia a billion a week in gas

  4. The answer to that question is an unqualified YES, The German leader seriously, almost criminally ,miscalculated the amount of trust that could be vested on Russia, and its leader in particular.
    I am just an average person, no diplomat, and certainly no specialist in world politics, but I was dumbfounded and heartbroken when Markel cosied up to Russia in so many ways. But puting the energy supply of Europe at the mercy of what had become clear was an autocratic dictator in the making was short of criminal from the point of view of European security. Now that the results have become evident let´s hope Germany steps up to the plate and does its part to stop the mad dictator.

  5. Germany has always done under-the-table with Russia. They really believe they can buy the Russians with their euros and their technology. They just too “clever” until the Russians stop cooperating.

  6. When Germen conducted business with the Russian, at the bottom of their hearts, they truly believed that the cold war was over 30 years ago. NATO lost the reason to exist as a force to counter the Soviet Union in the past and now no longer exists. Why the expansion of NATO now and each NATO exercise needs to be conducted right at the border of Russia in every menacing power. Today, NATO even exercises war games along with the US in the Pacific right at the border of China in the same menacing manner. Had China ever threaten NATO? Is China the Soviet Union? NATO is a nuclear power force that can be both for defensive of offensive as choose! That's why Europe right now is facing a nuclear war potential and still does not see it!

  7. Some people live by the law of the jungle. Animals dont have morals or ethics. It's all primitive animal behavior, preditor or prey. They steal, kill, rape with no remorse because they are more animal than human.

  8. Between the months of January and August of 1945, Germany saw the largest incident of mass rape known in history, where an estimated two million German women were raped by the Soviet Red Army soldiers, as written by Walter Zapotoczny Jr. in his book, ‘Beyond Duty: The Reason Some Soldiers Commit Atrocities’

  9. Seems decisive to raise this question when it is obvious that Germany cares more about new cars and houses than the lives of women and children. Keep buying Russian gas, ignorant bastards.

  10. Pay now, or pay more later.. The Germany’s government need to do more, it take great courage to realize that its government made a foreign policy mistakes.. When people show you who they are, believe them.. It’s ok to admit the wrong, but please make a change so we can help Ukraine. Stop this saving face, tactics.. Own it,