Afghanistan talks: China takes over the US' role as the dominant force in the region

Afghanistan talks: China takes over the US' role as the dominant force in the region

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a pitch for a ‘peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan’ on the second day of talks with Taliban leaders.
The talks being held in China also include representatives from regional nations such as Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran and some others.
Its being seen as an attempt by Beijing to play a leading role in the region while guiding the future of a country with strategic significance for itself and its neighbors. We’ll talk more about that in detail but here’s a quick look at what Xi Jinping said. China wants to incorporate Afghanistan into its broader geopolitical projects in the region, says Velina Tchakarova of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy.


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  2. The US forced opium production in Afganistan and now that China, who knows well from the opium wars and domination and agression from the West, will help the Taliban develop the country's economy and put an end to opium reliance.

  3. It is time that the US and Western bullies are taken down a notch with their illegal sanctions on many countries, political coups and hypocritical invasions of countries in the name of democracy, when really it is only to steal resources and to suppress the prosperity of nations, in order to maintain their dominance.

  4. Who wants to be true friends with the biggest bully- the US. Anglo Saxon five eye nations yes they are friends. The rest of world apart from the rich west Europe, Japan and South Korean, are forced to take sides. Say no to the US and it’s rich allies, ok then, wait for a war! If you are lucky, then it’s a regime change, a color revolution! What can the rest of the developing countries do in South America, Asian and Africa? Nothing inform the three weapons of the US: the dollar power, its military force, western medias. Hero only in the American’s Hollywood movies, in real life, the developing countries are just slaves to full fill the Americans best of interests.

  5. And Europeans will truly believe this rubbish coming from their media. Just use your head. How many countries have America, Uk, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany invaded? How many have China invaded? Just compare it and hopefully you will see the truth. China poses no danger to the world unlike NATO which drops a bomb on a nation every 10 minutes.

  6. Chinese are not generous host like US to feed Afghans for free for 20 long years , rather they will latch on Afghans forever and more bankrupt them.

  7. It's bad news when China is interested in your country. They trap low income countries with high interest debts. When these countries are in fisical trouble or covid crisis, instead of giving some headspace, they takeover the critical assets of the country. They have taken over hambantota port, a major port in Srilanka for not paying intrest payments when the country is going through covid crisis. Now China has several low income Asian and African countries in its debt trap. It forces these countries into making domestic and foreign policies favourable to Chinese interests(not self interest) using debt trap. China's help to Afganistan is a bad news to everybody.

  8. Look at western countries spent almost $100b and back to square 1 where it started…Now in future Taliban may come to west and talk about peace and prosperity.. western countries hypocrisy some how they lost ground how world is changing…