How long will Russian forces continue to hold positions? | Ukraine latest

How long will Russian forces continue to hold positions? | Ukraine latest

The shelling has not stopped in Ukraine, even after Russia announced it would scale down its military activity.

It’s thought Russia now wants to focus on securing control over the Donbas region in the east of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy says his forces will fight for ”every meter of land”.

This comes as the US says its intelligence suggests Russian President Vladimir Putin is being misled by fearful advisors about his military’s poor performance in Ukraine.
Intelligence reports from the British defense ministry say Russian forces continue to hold positions to the east and west of Kyiv and that the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital are likely to see heavy fighting in the coming days.

Bombings have continued unabated in the besieged port city of Mariupol. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister says a convoy of 45 buses is on its way to the city to try and evacuate civilians – after Russia said it would pause fighting there today. Previous attempts to open a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol have failed.


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  1. To Ukraine just stay a ay from bombing areas while planning and preparing for a better positioning and more safe strategy of fight against the Russian soldiers leave it to the Russian bombers to she'll all their missiles to Mariupol because it has nothing to do with Ukrainian forces it is at your advantage to prepare for retaking it after the bombardment totally subsided it's because Russia was no more missiles or refuses to use their missiles because it's expensive way of fighting ineffectively that will laid to Russians losses.vUkraine must plan well on how to penetrate and fight the enemy during the day by snifing distroying their tanks war vehicles arms and ammunitions distractions. Give more concentration on a heavy night fighting because you can easily get closer into the enemy line areas and you can inflicts heavy losses to their war tanks vehicles arms ammunitions and most importantly to distroy or intercept and take over their food supplies.

  2. Rather that appeal direct to individuals to cut down on their gas, why not do so via federated efforts? e.g. target reductions in "groups": each town and village and city of X% for residents and Y% for business, including industry. Then each group can work it out for them themselves how to meet their reduction, for example single or younger people reduce more, whereas older people no reduction or less, etc. Encourage organised coordination at a local level.

  3. We need new rules! Respond to Putin's war! For countries that launch war, we will raise 200% punitive tariffs on all goods in that country! this it our new rules respond Russia new rules!

  4. Now that Ukraine is taking some offense position
    Ukraine should also use tactics of ruse which is very difficult to do for instance if they can capture Russia arsenal/uniform they can manage to move close enough and hit Russia right at it’s body and make them feel what war is like
    A mission like this could be a last mission but good for moral of war

  5. Now is the time to work towards the end of the HUMANITY sufaŕing for peace and stability for more killing time for peace and stability for all time to make love and respect for each other work towards brighter future for peace and stability for our children's …welcome peace and stability..for all ….peace. peace of mind. And we leave As one people.!

  6. Man, most comments here are just to lost in lala land to bother an intelligent response to. Fyi, it is impossible for ukraine to win this war. If anything, pray for it to end soon.