Is Putin not getting the full picture of the Ukraine invasion by his advisers? | DW News

Is Putin not getting the full picture of the Ukraine invasion by his advisers? | DW News

US President Joe Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be self-isolating and may have sacked some of his advisers. “He seems to be self-isolated and there’s some indication that he has fired or put under house arrest some of his advisers,” Biden said. “But I don’t want to put too much stock in that at this time.” Earlier, US and UK intelligence reports said Putin was being “misled” by his advisers about the developments of the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin denied the claim.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby it was not clear if Russia’s convoy of military vehicles to Kyiv, “even exists” anymore after failing to accomplish its mission. The stalled convoy, which had once stretched some 40 miles (64 kilometers), became a symbol of Russia’s battlefield difficulties and had been reportedly attacked several times by Ukrainian forces during the first weeks of the more than monthlong war. “I don’t even know if it still exists at this point… They never really accomplished their mission,” Kirby told reporters, responding to a question about whether the Pentagon had any updates about the convoy. “They never really accomplished their mission. They never really provided any supply of any value to Russian forces assembling around Kyiv,” he added. “The Ukrainians put a stop to that convoy pretty quickly.”

Osnat Lubrani, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine, says supplies have been delivered for thousands of people in the country’s northeast — but some encircled cities in the south of Ukraine remain difficult to reach. Lubrani said food rations from the UN’s partners will benefit nearly 6,000 people in Sumy and areas including Trostianets and Okhtyrka. According to Lubrani, basic household items, including blankets and kettles from the UN refugee agency, will support 1,500 people. Sanitation kits will also help 6,000 people with hygiene and drinking water, she said. The UN-facilitated humanitarian notification system with Ukraine and Russia enabled safe passage for the convoy to Sumy on Thursday, “but this is clearly not enough,” Lubrani said. However, efforts to reach Mariupol, Kherson and other southern Ukrainian cities have been unsuccessful over the past month due to safety concerns.


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  1. Mad Max. Like a horror movie. Where is Putin's woman? She spoke out against the murderous war, now she's gone. Prove she's alive. We know he's a killer. Maybe he snapped, and that's the reason he's flown over the coocoo nest.

  2. When you see the usual Putin fanboys coksucking him in youtube comments, this is not surprising. People are either afraid of him, or too busy offering him their butts to tell him the truth. So much coksucking and fear is not good for any country's leadership. Seems like Putin started to believe his own bullshlt. Im almost surprised he didn't order his troops to attack riding horses shirtless with a cringe girl band glorifying his name in tow. It shows that in the end, he is just the regular politician with a big mouth, not the god weaklings want him to be.

  3. NATO should announce and then send in unarmed planes to drop food and water in the citycenter.Or a similar action by land.They managed to keep West Berlin supplied for a long time back in the day.If there is a will,we can always find a way.

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  6. The naive Western media guys, grow up in a warm greenhouse, do not understand the psychology of the eastern totalitarians at all. They are not fools and know very well what is happening in Ukraine. Their decisions are determined by dictatorial power structures and are not at all based on the way of thinking of ordinary people