Putin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Putin realizes 'there can be no military solution' | DW Interview

Putin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Putin realizes 'there can be no military solution' | DW Interview

Over a month after Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has come to understand that “there can be no military solution here,” exiled Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky told DW. Khodorkovsky, a prominent critic of the Russian leader, previously spent a decade in prison in Russia on charges widely regarded as revenge for challenging Putin’s rule. Russian troops began their invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Putin announced that the operation aimed at “demilitarizing” and “de-nazifying” the former Soviet state and protecting Russian speakers in the country. But with Russia failing to quickly occupy the country due to strong Ukrainian resistance and its troops getting bogged down, Moscow recently announced a change in its war aims, saying that it will focus on the “liberation” of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. “Putin is stuck when it comes to the military operation,” Khodorkovsky said, adding, “Putin has two options now: Either he escalates things, which could mean either introducing mobilization or using tactical nuclear weapons, or he can stabilize the situation and begin peace talks in earnest.” In the interview with DW, Khodorkovsky also stressed the importance of a unified Western position. “The West’s position needs to be clear, meaning comprehensive support for Ukraine if the war continues and in case Putin uses tactical nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction,” he underlined. “That sort of clear position from the West will, let’s say, help Putin make the right decision.”

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  1. This guy knows exactly what I’ve known all along about Putin.he’s a thug. You can’t negotiate not round a table an, as seen in Ukraine, not to keep his word on safe passage or safe corridors for Ukrainian civilians. The military have clear instructions. “Kill anything that moves” that’s evidently old, young, female and children, even babies! Bombing a children’s hospital and schools Putin is evil, drunk on a legacy to recreate a former Soviet super power. But for Putin, he wants no personal loss to himself. Others don’t matter, his young fighters- nothing but cannon fodder.
    But his personal wealth, his homes, his various and expensive modes of pleasure transport, hi money, all that means everything to such a self obsessed and totally insecure little autocrat that is Putin.

  2. I don’t think Ukraine will ever surrender any of its lands. They don’t trust anything that he promises. They have seen that he will stop at nothing to ultimately takeover Ukraine. He kills innocent people with no regret. Would anyone believe anything from such a man?

  3. Putin you have won nothing at all, you have lost every war you have started..Ukraine will finish what you have started, Ukrainians are very strong guerrilla war maniacs

  4. He is speaking the Thruth think about it we are trying to better our life for the people and our military and Putin is only spending money on weapons and only weapons we need to take the path of the Israeli they spend money on there safety first things like the Iron dome I don't want to live like that but we as the people we want to feel safe at all times .I don't have problem with Putin we need to leave him be don't do no business with him let them stay over there and we stay over here.

  5. Very interesting , Khodorkovsky always speaks with calm and serenity , amazing after all he had to go through : no anger, no bitterness , no violence …and very clear thinking. Russia definitely needs that guy !!

  6. Both the interviewer and the interviewee said was contrary to the surrender at Mariupol anc reports of the US seking to speak to Putin to seek a peace deL, unless those supposedly NY Post reportsvwerevfaked

  7. Well if there can be no military solution start dialogue between putin and zelensky and sort out this nonsensical war that no one wants putin should admit he made a mistake and pull his troops out of ukraine

  8. Putin will soon be "gone", they will be stepping forward to be the first to make him "gone", whoever is first will be in line to reap massive wealth as the West gets there hands on Russia's wealth, oil, timber and gold, those things are way too overpriced, so that will lower those prices for the Western world, thankfully, NO $5/gal. gasoline, anymore!