What can we learn from the first six weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine? | DW News

What can we learn from the first six weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine? | DW News

In the weeks and months leading up to the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Putin repeatedly rejected accusations that he was planning to start a war. Putin lied, and he is most likely lying again about his army’s next moves. That is the message from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. If Russia has indeed understimated Ukraine and overestimated its own capabilities, how long would Moscow need to reorganise its attack?

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  1. Actually when the logistic isnt working. No food, no diesel, no new ammunition, no new fresh soldiers release the tired young ( some had only three days training 18-20 years old) soldiers. I met US soldiers they have fantastic back-up logistically. With everything.

  2. NATO / EU / Western Alliance must make a MILITARY INTERVENTION in Ukraine before it's too late… That means KICKING RUSSIA OUT of the whole country including Donbas and Crimea, thereby restoring Ukrainian sovereignty and integrity across the whole region✌️✌️✌️

  3. Russia will say they are regrouping but actually retreating. They will say we didnt invade but said " special military operations" all rhetoric but the damage they have done in the country, the innocent lives lost, tanks, helicopters and vehicles destroyed, thousands of body bags dont lie.

  4. Have you forgotten Iraq and Syria. Reports state and prove that NATO is responsible for more than 6 million deaths in the Middle East over the past two decades. Total hypocrisy. This is not news.

  5. I think this analyst may want to update his talking points. I don't think the Russians are parked around Kyiv any longer, and their big thrust to take the capitol fizzled and, for all intents and purposes, was a failure.

  6. Ukraine needs tanks, artillery, planes and other supplies for the next stage in Russia's push to take over Ukraine, because this next push by Russia will likely be more focused and stronger than the first one.

  7. What I learned is that the masses are being guided and herded through this conflict like the pandemic – no hope for a balanced information program, just laser pointed attention demand on the "story". Stray from this and like the pandemic, you are someone's cheerleader or a conspiracy theorist. Absolute BS.

  8. This interview didnt age well, I know for a fact that the Russians took 5 to 1 losses West of Kyiv, the only Ukrainian unit that took significant casualties was the 76th Mechanized and the rest where TDF, the other five brigades 4 Ukrainian Army and 1 National guard took light casualties. East of Kyiv to Sumy there where higher casualties for the Ukrainians but there manageable. The Ukainians are a little worried about reserves though at the present time (The ability to get new Hardware, not men)

  9. Bill Roggio comes across like a real swine, Ukraine can't give up on any of its territory, this will be a protracted war lasting many months, perhaps even years, Ukraine needs to face that fact, but Russia will also need to commit to this war and I am not sure it can commit to heavy losses. Bill Roggio who looks like a gammon roasted swine, can give up some of his stuff but not Ukraine. This swine also has a point, Ukranian army is sadly not taking the offensive, but this is mostly due to the nature of fight Ukraine is engaged in, but problem is, the core of its army, some 60 000 hard core troops including its 93rd and 92nd brigade are facing donbas but Russians are looking to encircle them, Ukraine isn't mobilizing enough troops fast enough to counter Russian aggression.

    It must retake Kherson at all cost, push russians away from Kherson and then move to liberate Muriopol, all this needs to be done really fast, that means large force needs to be deployed to deal with the Russian threat. US should provide these long promised Switchblades asp, at least 600 of these are needed to deal with forces Russia is building up for assault on donbas and encirclement. Massive delivery of nlaw, javelin missiles and launchers as well as anything else NATO can provide really fast. Panczerfust 3, AT4, … everything. Ukraine must be able to repel russian oncoming assault. Ukraine has lost most of its Bykatar drones, new ones will be coming in to service with in next month or so, but till then Ukraine needs missiles and loads of them,.

  10. Germany: Send Ukraine more lethal aid. I understand the hit on your economy would be massive without Russian gas and you can't just cut it off. Fine. Make up for it elsewhere. Send Ukraine, SERIOUS lethal aid. By the way, who's the cowardly, terasonous ahole speaking at 3:00 or so?

  11. Europeans are never learn from your past history still trying to make more problems we already know the truth what you was doing with Neto and comedian zelensky !!!!!!!

  12. This guy knows nothing about the Russian army. The Russians don’t collect/recover their dead.

    In Afghanistan Russian soldiers killed on the battlefield would be left in place for months.

    There’s been lots of reports of Ukrainian commanders offering the Russian commanders to pick up their dead. The Russian commanders always refuse.

  13. I would say, the ukrainians let the columns of vehicles in, cut them off from supply and had them in kilometer long cauldrons, firing at them from both sides. I would not count that as strategic success. They lost about 10% of their soldiers killed and more than that wounded. In 6 weeks. Now they changed the strategy and refrain from attacking the capital and government, pulled out the left military and say to move them to south east for additional attacks there. Possibly to establish the land corridor to crimea to safe the face of Mr Putin. If that fails, then i bet Mr Putin has no future in russia.

  14. This man and his organization FDD are highly questionable and suspect. As a lobbyist organization it would not be beneath them to be bought off.

  15. I don't believe I'd have this fellow on anymore he was wrong about everything and it was always in a way that was obvious at the time, who is running a information screen again?