How Russia and Ukraine try to dominate the propaganda warfare | DW News

How Russia and Ukraine try to dominate the propaganda warfare | DW News

As the war in Ukraine evolves, so do disinformation tactics: Propaganda from various perspectives seeks to shape public opinion. Currently, the information provided inside of Russia tells a much different story than the information the rest of the world has access to. Here’s an example, where a Russian TV show claims that Ukrainian soldiers allegedly use children as human shields. Thought there’s no proof provided for these statements. There have also been claims that the Ukrainian Army has nearly run out of weapons and ammunition. But in reality, the resistance of the Ukrainian Army is still significant. From the Ukrainian side, there have also been deep fake videos that have emerged on social media, making false claims.


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  1. Ukraine's attack on a military base on the Russian mainland is quite natural, and Russia is the country that has always been in turmoil in world history. At this opportunity, Western democracies should unite and weaken Russia's military and economic power.

  2. USA is a master manipulating sheep, attempting to cover its own crimes of war.
    Nowadays US condemns other countries of crime of wars, having a huge tail!!
    It pretends to erase its crimes of war in Irak, Vietnam, Yemen, Japan, Libia, Afghanistan, Japan, among others.

  3. Who encouraged Putin to Invade Ukraine thoes is ?
    -That`s the guy who issued Putin sanction all the Time .
    – Repeatedlly used the word Invade to condemn Putin before Putin sent troops into Ukraine .

  4. Were you aware that Ukraine is the 2nd major producer of Oil and
    minerals in the world? This is why Putin is trying to occupy the
    Luhansk, Dombas and Donetsk region. The West and NATO must provide the
    Ukraine with any military aid they need to defeat Putin's regime. Why
    are they so scared, Nuclear weapons? US, UK and France has equal or
    more Nuclear weapons to take Russia off the map. Sheesh!!!!

  5. You may CENSOR this but that WONT CHANGE THE TRUTH!! It will come out soon or latter!!
    This is another comment that goes on the CENSOR list I mention!

    "I can send you list of CENSURED (by YOU – DW) comments that I sent in last 30 days, I can sent you screenshot of my Internet sped-odometer since beginning of Ukraine war and me sending comments about parallel between Russia in Ukraine today and NATO aggression on Serbia in 1999, trying to silence me. I can send you link that DW WILL NOT DARE leave it on line!

    You tube search:

    "Disappeared": Chris Hedges Responds to YouTube Deleting His 6-Year Archive of RT America Shows

    Because IT SHOWS WHAT YOU DO!! And how "free" society you are (especially after Covid restriction and mandates)! "

  6. A US Navy veteran has reported a decade worth of videos from the Donbas region. He is still there. It's important to note the last century of the area as well. (YouTube: Patrick Lancaster)

  7. Deep fakes and AI has not much in common as classical AI is focused on heuristic in inference on available data and for some new branding reason machine learning and even statics are both labeled as AI.

  8. I'll believe the country who has not been threatening mine for the past decade or so over any little inconvenience and the hope we will want to join a new Soviet Union

  9. Idn who or what to believe period.Russia absolutely seems to be the aggressor and I don’t trust anything coming out of Russia at all. 90% of the American media is left wing extremist, what a mess the media has become. If you asked me today I stand with the ppl of Ukraine, but I can’t say I kno the full story or what really is going on over there, I don’t I have no idea.