The Very Strange Batman Beyond Spin-Off That Time Forgot

The Very Strange Batman Beyond Spin-Off That Time Forgot

Batman Beyond is an animated DC Comics series with a die hard fan base. So big, that when brainstorming possible Spin Off’s for the series, a lone character that appears in only one episode got the green light. At that moment, The Zeta Project was born. But why exactly did this obscure Batman Beyond character warrant it’s own show?

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by David Sadvari


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  1. Let’s get that reboot!
    (I liked this show and it’s potential for what it could have been. Most of the criticisms made in this video I think are totally fair. If this show was remade it would be a classic.)

  2. Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman all lacked solo shows in the DCAU, but somehow they were able to do two seasons of this. I remember when it was on first run and still see it as a waste.

  3. I know exactly who this show was for, because I was part of the demographic.

    90s kids that grew up on a mix of typical superhero stuff, and Japanese games (and sometimes anime), which often had much darker, much more serious content… But also comedic content and comedic relief that was often intentionally a non-sequitur to the rest of the show and its tone.

    We loved robots, we loved sci-fi, we actually cared about the story, and we liked our characters with some inner demons and edge- but also a good heart despite it all.

    Think Final Fantasy 7! That's what we'd all been playing around that time.

    Also, Trigun, though most of us watched that when we were much older.

    They made two mistakes: They got the age range of the demographic wrong by about two or three years, and they got all the components out of order. If you want to see what they were trying to do done right, just look at most of Mainframe Entertainment's productions throughout the 90s, especially after they got out from under the network censors.

  4. Glad this show got made. Its such a weird premise but it actually got animated. Just getting to see the weird outskirts of the batman beyond cyberpunk world was worth it. Loved the two main characters. Hey have you ever watched Exosquad?

  5. The only episode of the show I ever watched was the last 3 minutes of the Amish episode. I had no idea what the show was or about but I saw it on the TV Guide. The problem for me was that I moved in July, 2002 and didn't have the network it was on till I moved, so by the time I had settled in the show was already over.

  6. Even though DCAU is bringing back a Batman and Superman series, both shows will probably be woke. The DCAU should bring back BTAS, STAS, and Batman Beyond where Terry McGinnis marries 10 from the Royal Flush Gang. I always thought they should be together. They were dating for a short while in the updated Batman Beyond Comic from 2016 and 10 finally found out Terry is Batman Beyond.

  7. I actually really liked Zeta Project as a kid, something about Zee's existential crisis and search for his identity was very new and thought provoking to me at the time. Tbh I always wanted to know what became of him or if he ever found what he was looking for

  8. I remember seeing episodes of this on now and again. I liked the concept of a "shapeshifter" running around with basically the world experience of a small child but all of the brawn of an armed adult. The moral crisis was lost on me as a child

  9. When will executives learn that "dumbing" a cartoon show does not help increase viewership for an age bracket. Having an adult theme in a kid's show helps children learn better about society.