The Political / Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan- Foreign Conspiracy

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The Political / Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan- Foreign Conspiracy 1

The Opposition under PDM (forces outside the Assembly sponsored a move) in the National Assembly of Pakistan tabled a No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister Imran Khan on 8 March 2022. The counting was scheduled on 3rd April 2022.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan presented a brazen surprise to its opponent on the D-Day. The Opposition parties, the sold out Media groups and others agents in the various section of society described the surprise as a “Constitutional Crisis”.

The surprise was delivered by Dy Speaker who disallowed the No Confidence Motion under Article 5 of the constitution, thereby terming the said motion as a foreign conspiracy. Here is the link  Later the detail written Ruling was issued as shared by the Dy Speaker on twitter 

The Supreme Court of Pakistan took up a sue motto case on a weekly holiday (Sunday) after a detailed discussion amongst brother judges. The said action is listed here ( .The action has sparked wide spread speculations and debate on social media. The people are surprised on the sue motto action of the SC despite the fact that all proceedings of the NA are beyond judicial review vide article 69. More interestingly, SC itself and refused to indulge into such action only a day earlier ( Incidentally, court refused to entertain the matter on which the Dy Speaker has based his Ruling.

Now, since the SC has taken up the case, it may have following options:

  1. Dismiss the case as per article 69 as per previous instances.
  2. Open up the case and indulge into the base for the Ruling from Dy Speaker that is Foreign Conspiracy. In that case SC will open a Pandora box that may unleash a bigger crisis as shown below:
  3. SC may take up the legality of the action thorough a Judicial Commission to unearth the complete case of national disgrace on the behest of foreign power, circled around a letter from USA. The fact of the matter is that NSC has certified it and now Russian Government has sanctified the USA sponsored foreign conspiracy.( The action on article 5 has been undertaken by Dy Speaker and now SC must go beyond it and declare punishment to all involved in the case vide article 6 of the constitution.
  4. If SC restricts itself and take any other action like restoration of NA, may have serious repercussions as the PTI support on the street may not take it plainly. The outrage on the streets may jeopardize law & order situation resulting in serious political crisis. Moreover, the Speaker of National Assembly may take any decision in negation of court verdict as per Article 69 which may then open up a serious constitutional crisis.
  5. SC must not indulge into an action that is NOT viewed as per law but motivated by foreign conspiracy. After all, USA has been openly taking such actions against many countries including Pakistan. There is a well-documented history of American interference in Pakistan Politics including institution and the persons serving on higher pedestals. After All, CJ IHC rendered a funny judgment on the said letter. Questions may arise about the emergent meeting of Judges as mentioned in the opening lines of court order (“Several Hon. Judges of the Court have met me earlier today to share their concern about the constitutional situation following the rejection of the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister by the Deputy Speaker today on the basis of Article 5 of the Constitution.)

The Dy Speaker Ruling is a very bold action to eliminate US sponsored handling and meddling in our country. The SC must now take action above Article 5, through article 6, to purge American Stooges from the politics of the country forever. If SC does otherwise then, every citizen will have the right to presume the US investment on the Judges as well.

It must be highlighted that only last year Pakistan Army has awarded life sentence to high ranking officials for being involved in Foreign Conspiracy. The politicians involved must therefore be awarded suitable punitive sanctions which at least should be disqualification for life for the service of Pakistan. Nevertheless, the SC Judgment can end or initiate a real Political and Constitutional Crisis.

#PakistanPoliticalCrisis #NoConfidenceMotion #SupremeCourt

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