Fact-check: Disinformation about the killing of civilians in Bucha? | DW News

Fact-check: Disinformation about the killing of civilians in Bucha? | DW News

Ukrainian officials accused Russia of a massacre in Bucha but Kremlin-backed media are denouncing it as a hoax. We checked both claims and found enough evidence to prove the Russian side wrong.

Our key sources:
A full DW fact check on Bucha: https://p.dw.com/p/49U8H
Video of dead bodies in Bucha: https://twitter.com/vertiporokh/status/1510510799336398850
First Tweet with Video of dead bodies in Bucha from April 1st: https://mobile.twitter.com/ViktoriiaUAH/status/1509985789404459011
Geolocation of Yablunska street, Bucha, Ukraine: https://www.google.com/maps/place/50%C2%B032’35.6%22N+30%C2%B014’03.5%22E/@50.5432216,30.2167989,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcbf167c716dd6648!8m2!3d50.5432182!4d30.2343084
NYTimes report on Bucha: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/04/world/europe/bucha-ukraine-bodies.html
Telegram post by the Russian Defense Ministery: https://t.me/MFARussia/12230

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  1. What about the video of civilians trying to form human roadblocks in front of Russian troops. Not a safe practice with an invading army.

  2. Pls HEAR ME OUT, as we currently know, there are these arm bands that are worn throughout the war
    White: pro russian
    Yellow: pro ukrainian
    At exactly 2:07 the corpse lying on the street has a white arm band on his arm signaling he is a pro russian. WHY would russian army harm those that are on their side?

  3. There is a white band on the upper arm of a body . The white band is worn by civilian Russian sympathisers. So Russian soldiers are unlikely to kill Russian sympathisers.

  4. If they'd been laying out for weeks, why were they not bloated? Why were they not torn apart by hungry animals? Where are the close up photos or videos documenting these war crimes? Seems like someone in Ukraine (i.e. US state dept) would have had the good sense to document these killings meticulously to make the strongest possible case. Why was there no immediate autopsies? Why did they have white arm bands on them indicating loyalty to Russia? etc etc. P.S. The US govt would have no compuction about fabricating satellite photos.

  5. Hmmmm why is nobody talks about the fragments found in the bodies? The same shells filled by needles/darts fired by Ukrainian artillery. Are those amunitions not banned by the Geneva Convention? Did ukraine accidentally killed there civilians and blamed the russians?

  6. The projectiles (shrapnel) found in most of the bodies in Bucha are from artillery ammunition that Ukraine uses, and that Russia stopped using some time ago (soviet made). Look it up.

  7. Have always wondered in war reporting how you can talk about fact checking when you don't have reporters on the ground interviewing eyewitnesses and getting them to speak.

    We have assumptions, that's all we have. The only thing that is certain is that civilians have been victims of acts of war.

  8. OK . . . I have only one question, does anyone know what a body that has been frozen for 10 days looks like? If anyone can answer me, here I claim that it certainly doesn't look like that. . . Because the incident allegedly happened on March 19, and the Ukrainian army found them on April 1. Poor people suffer innocent in every war, and even that is not enough, but myths, lies and deceptions are made through their dead bodies. God sees everything, their souls are in paradise and the judgment of everyone who does it is waiting!

  9. This "Fact check" relies entirely on Maxar footage and some easily refuted amateur observations. The Bucha Mayor is in the record of saying "we are fine" the day after the Russians left. Ukraine government press releases say there was a Ukraine forces "cleansing' of Bucha of "Russian saboteurs and accomplices" immediately after the Russians left
    Are these press releases genuine? We certainly can't rely on the Ukraine Government. OSCE reports on the war in the Donbass show that Ukraine forces in previous years routinely tortured and raped prisoners and also executed some.

  10. See Sctt Ritter bodies freshly killed. And those with Russian food packages or Russian armbands. Where are the close ups we first saw when the story first broke.?????

  11. at 2:07 you can see the white band on the arm representing support for the russian, so either russian killed their own supporter or it was the ukraine national guard in their ''cleansing'' operation

  12. FAKES, FAKES FAKES , you garbage media. In few days/months world will know the true. Most of the people killed were wearing white armbands, which meant neutrality to the Russian army. Just ask yourself why Russian professional soldiers, CONTRACT soldiers , kill people who speak the same language with them, who let soldiers use their showers, toilets, etc. and most importantly, they hung white armbands on themselves to show their loyalty to Russian soldiers? Fckn Ukranazis battalions.

  13. Fact checkers are completely unreliable and biased. Pictures and videos. It’s indisputable what had been done. Ukraine cities are obvious trashed. Mothers….families lost loved ones unmercifully. That’s fact.

  14. questions that any ordinary person should raise: Russia left Bucha on March 30th and the mayor of Bucha claimed it a victory on March 31st, the next day the ukrainian army entered Bucha, WHY this massacre was not disclosed until April 3rd?
    2- Why would Russia kill all these civilians and leave their bodies on the streets and then withdraw from Bucha leaving such an evidence? this does not make any sense knowing that the whole world's eyes are fixated on Ukraine awaiting for such a massacre to occur?
    3- Why were the bodies spread all over the city? if Russia wants to execute civilians it was easier for them to gather them in one spot and shoot them.
    4-Why the UK refused Russia's request for the UN security council to convene?

  15. Don't the white arm bands signify their support for the Russians.. from what I could see in those videos they had white arm bands.. seems more likely they were killed by Ukrainians for supporting Russians

  16. I don't trust this fact checking of yours at all.. Why should we take your word for it "DW News"? Why not interview the actual people that were there and live in the area like proper boots on the ground journalists would do? This says nothing to me.

  17. First my grandpa is from Kiev escaped to west during Russian control. So what I explain is to help better understanding to those unfamiliar with arm band practice that affects the conclusion and thus de-escalate provocative blaming.

    2:07 The evidence of who is responsible for Bucha civilians killed in street is visible at 2:07. White armband clearly is seen around the arm of the person laying dead in the street.

    You do not include close up video of any other of the several individuals left out on the street, but they also had white armbands on their arm except two who had it as a white armband tying their hands together behind their back and they were shot in the back of the head.

    You can see from other videos on the Internet of people in donetz who want to tell the Russians that they’re not a problem that they support the Russians is they wear a white armband. In Ukrainian controlled areas, they use yellow armband To demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine.

    Others sources indicate that a national guard of Ukraine posting prior to these revelations was they will go into the bucha area to clean out collaborators and saboteurs who many are suspected to be Russian troops dressed as civilians.

    Thus It shouldn’t surprise us what it appears to be the true cause of the killings. Now it may actually be within the laws of war to kill troops dressed as civilians wearing white armbands who you can use that as proof they are collaborators and saboteurs. So I’m not saying that the Ukrainians did something necessarily wrong. My grandpa is from Kyiv, so I say this to promote peace — it may not necessarily be the Russians fault as everybody presupposes.

  18. Only a brainless person can't see who is guilty of this tragedy even on the surface. Russia left the town voluntarily after controlling it without resistance from the locals for the time it held it. On what basis will they kill people who posed no threat to them

  19. No mention of safari units and people being told to stay indoors and ignore sounds. Very sus, DW News. Good job at making yourselves appear credible, though.

  20. I believe the real truth is that ukranian soldiers who executed russians POWs and posted their video on 30 march(you can find it on Youtube, very gory), and next day used those corpses to stage the scene.

  21. Go talk to the civilians of Mariupol… Azov Ukrops terrorize the population as you speak.. The Hohols have been committing war crimes for 8 years in Donbas…

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