Russia switches focus to 'liberating' Donbas | DW News

Russia switches focus to 'liberating' Donbas | DW News

Russia is likely to launch a new offensive in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. The Ukrainian leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the Donbas have asked civilians to evacuate west. According to Jack Watling, military strategy expert at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a lot of the Ukrainian forces “are fixed along the line of contact by ongoing artillery bombardment.” He expects the Russian attacks to come from the north and the south “round their flanks”.


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DW News

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  1. Зеленский уже предложил демилитаризацию, так почему Путин до сих пор отправляет призывников жарить? Путин – бедолага, лишенный чувства милосердия, и намерен проводить этническую чистку исключительно из мести.

  2. Zelenski has already offered demilitarisation, so why is Putin still sending conscripted boys to get fried? Putin is a poor soul with no sense of mercy and is intent on committing ethnic cleansing purely for vengeance.

  3. Dictator Putin has lost all relevance to the modern world. Putin is delusional in his geriatric time of life and has desperately searched for some legacy of his life and is living in a past notion of expansionist ambition that could never be achieved. His own people will eventually lynch him as he's brought a century of shame and humiliation to Russian citizens and destroyed any quality of life… Putin will have nothing he has brought to humanity, Nothing Period! What a waste of good oxygen!

  4. To the people of Ucrine, Every person men and women 15 years old up must learn and prepare to fight from every corner, street, house. Don't just let Russia army to torture and kill you for nothing. Remamber that when Russian army invad a country they will kill you that how their policy.

  5. Putin, as part of his historic documented destructive life, won’t stop and will continue the killing unless he is stopped one way or another, European leaders must not stand by and tolerate this war criminal. It's high time to put an end to this murdering destruction by a Psychopath who belongs in a high-security prison. Zelensky should not be held responsible for Psychopath Putin who is still committing multiple war crimes daily. In fact, the likelihood that Putin might order a massive scorched-earth campaign throughout Ukraine so that absolutely nothing of value would be left for a victorious Zelensky! Pepsee

  6. Playing powerful scenes of the might of the west showing their powerful exercising as a warning to Putin, what a practical joke, Putin has no intention to move to the west, his focus is Ukraine that is given on a serving dish to him by the west. NATO is in part guilty of Putin's killing spree under the watchful eye of the west which has lost its sense of integrity. My frustrations and anger are not only with Putin but what a hopeless spineless massive amount of people allowing this psychopath with his illegal aggression still to continue. I am originally from the Netherlands, and I am ashamed to see Europe on its knees for a well-known inhumane war criminal! Pepsee

  7. There is no way that Putin is ever going to change and I think he is baiting the world to come st him. I guess we have a new definition when translating from Russian to English that liberating means we're going to blow you to bits, or rape you, or torture you, just kill you. The general is named The Butcher of Syria. Wow there's a name you'd want to go through life with. Well I'm sorry he does not scare me nor do I fear him. At this point I say give the ukrainians planes guns bullets bombs missiles and attack him.

  8. The death of my troops is a tragedy, but we still going to push through this. I guess Russian lives dont matter. Kind of hate saying this but I feel a bit sorry for Russian troops. Russian troops are nothing but cannon fodder

  9. Mark:….Russia could liberate Donbas…by leaving….."!! …"////////////////////////////////// That is just naive….Haaaaa!! Out of the 4.5 millions in Donbass, more than 80% are Russian speaking residents. That is Why Russia will send in the army for LPR and DPR republics!! Just stay tune for the next few weeks….Then you will know…!!

  10. "Why is Covid in China Spreading Again? because the Covid factory in Taiwan hasn't been destroyed… that's why U.s + Nato is trying to protect Taiwan!!! ….. So,When will the justice Destroy FACTORI VIRUS in Taiwan ??? like destroy in ukraine ???… Go go go… Save The World"

  11. Shame on the news channel! Your formulations in the coverage of the situation in the Donbas have long lost their relevance. At the moment, the Ukrainian Donbass no longer exists. And there are no Ukrainian leaders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And there are the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic within the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Officially recognized sovereign States. The head of the Donetsk Republic is Denis Pushilin. The head of the Luhansk Republic is Leonid Pasechnik. In fact, the Ukrainian army is illegally located on the territory of other states

  12. Russia is still soft on Ukraine, what if they carpet bomb the whole Ukraine ….no western weapon can stop Putin unless NATO can send fighter planes and ground troops but they are afraid of Putin…period

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