Putin: Russia will achieve 'noble' aims | DW News

Putin: Russia will achieve 'noble' aims | DW News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the invasion of Ukraine will achieve what he called “noble” aims. He added, “Today, our officers are participating in a special military operation in the Donbas, in Ukraine. They provide assistance to the people’s republics of Donbas. They act courageously, competently, efficiently and effectively, they use the most modern types of weapons with unique, unparalleled characteristics.”

Putin and Belarusian leader Aleksander Lukashenko met in Blagoveshchensk where they visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome to mark “Space Day.” Space Day is the anniversary of when Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to complete one orbit around the earth in 1961.

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DW News

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  1. Putin: Everything is great.. everything is going exactly to plan.for the Special Military Operation.. by the way.. I'm going to take all your children and turn them into Beef Stroganoff

  2. Putin making a lot of excuses. As we know, he invaded Crimea, Georgia, Dombas then he got spoiled thinking UKRAINE is a CAKEWALK. He simply doing expansionism – he said it over and over that the Russian greatest tragedy was losing UKRAINE and the Soviet satellites.
    The world was lucky that he bogs down OTHERWISE – the next target will be Poland or Romania or any other Soviet satellites.

  3. To all you pro Ukain fan boys / girls , if the war goes that well four Ukrain and the russians are that supid , why is zelensky BEGGING for more and more and more and more and more and more and more weapons ?

  4. Putin is telling the truth, you just have to read between the lines. I am pretty sure with "modern weapons with unique characteristics" he meant those shiny new superyachts the generals bought with the money meant for the russian "military". Unique characteristics could describe the built in strip clubs, bowling alleys, cinemas and all the stuff you need on a 700 million yacht. Those even have anti aircraft missiles and all that fancy new stuff the russian "military" could only dream of.

  5. Reacting logically: Ukraine adheres to Russia’s request. Cost is zero. Individual lives remain unaffected. Leaders gain is zero.

    Reacting emotionally: Russia invades to secure its position. Toll on human lives and property is considerable. Individual lives are ruined. Enormous cost.. Zelensky and his cohorts financially enriched.

  6. Putin's noble aim will be remember as saving the country and the world from the English World Empire hegemony by colonized Russia for Arctic resources. NATO and all European countries, particularly those around the Arctic can only survive by assisting the English World Empire.

  7. Putin has began"denazifying" his own Russians after demanding they "speak clearly and directly" to support his self-directed mission to invade of Ukraine in a "special military operation". Genocide and destruction has never been noble. That's another big lie like others.

  8. When he says the soldiers are acting bravely and professionally… he means they are blowing up suburban neighborhoods, tying up mothers and forcing them to watch the raping of their own children, the killing of their own husbands and neighbors. They are killing fathers right in front of sons, even shooting the defenseless sons too. They are breaking into liquor stores, getting drunk and being found wasted on the floor. Putin is so delusional. You were born to lose. You’re nothing special. Just a boring, textbook dictator who will suffer a textbook dictator ending. Just a matter of time.

  9. Putin warned the world back in 2007 but the old money and their hubris just pushed on. And as far as atrocities, who really commits them? Gonna have to down vote this video.

  10. So instead of speaking from his mind about what he believed in in early februari when he announced the war … ehh S.M.O. he now has to read a scripted version….
    That can happen when your expectations are crushed by reality and you get lost…

  11. Russia has the largest land in the world but it's greed is still making it go ahead to butcher people in Ukraine because Putin wants the gas on those lands.

    Sad!!! Sad that the world is allowing these happen because they buy Russia gas.

    I have lost total respect for these Europeans leaders I use to look up to before. Sad!!!

  12. the world is laughing now at the Russian military but I swear they won't be much longer, not after Putin gives the go ahead for use of the world's largest and most powerful sling shot….

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