Why is Russia taking such major losses in Ukraine? | DW News

Why is Russia taking such major losses in Ukraine? | DW News

The last Ukrainian troops remaining in the besieged port of Mariupol have defied a Russian deadline to surrender.
More than 10,000 civilians have been killed in the weeks-long bombardment. Moscow estimates around 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers are holding out at a huge steel plant. Russia’s defense ministry says it will destroy those who continue to resist. Ukraine’s prime minister says the city has not fallen, and its forces will fight to the end.
But Russia has taken significant losses in its war against Ukraine, including a third of its generals, most recently General Vladimir Frolov, and its Black Sea flagship, the Moskva. DW spoke with former military intelligence officer Frank Ledwidge about what this says about Russia’s military and its leadership.

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DW News

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  1. This war is being fought between the US EU and RUSSIA. US drones are taking off fm Italy and directing the war. They give the exact coordinates to the Ukrainians to assassinate Russian Generals and Sink their flagship.Where such technology is concerned, the US is supreme. Putin is patient. Maybe next will be a US aircraft carrier sunk and a dozen US generals gone. Tit for tat I suppose.
    If only Zelensky had been neutral he wouldnt be looking like a hag and thousands of Ukrainian skulls would have been alive by now. If only the Ukrainians had not killed 14000 Russians in the East. If only the Ukranians had not burnt alive Russians in Odessa before the war. But than this is only in hindsight.

  2. If Putin make martyrs of these Ukrainian fighters it will only strength Ukrainian resolve. Remember the Alamo in Texas where the Americans where killed by overwhelming forces. The Mexicans may have won a battle but lost the war. In Ukraine how the Russian army behaves in Mairupol will decide if Russia will win this war. It will be remembered in history as the Putin moment where by he won a battle but lost the war in Ukraine if these soldiers and civilians are massacred. These events will go down in history and be analyzed for years to come.

  3. One is most deadly when an entrenched enemy has no way out but to die. They will continue to inflict maximum damage to the final man against an enemy who is less motivated. This is no win for either party.

  4. Ironic that Russia calls Ukraine as a threat. While Ukraine barely kill Russian civilians, the biggest target they hit is Moskva battleship and that is military object. On the other hand, the biggest achievement of Russian army so far is massacring and raping civilians.

  5. Mind you, we have no knowledge about real losses on either side. The reasons for Russian losses are indifferent commanders, incompetence, poor morale, surprisingly great on paper but poor in the field equipment, and the Crassus element. Crassus used decimation to discipline his Roman legion. Putin is punishing his army by upping the demands on his new commanders to the point of punishing the men in the field. This probably means a huge Pyrrhic victory for the Russians at the end…

  6. Now for the real data: Losses of the LPR/DPR taken together are about ~800 people. Losses of the Russian army ~2100. Russia has lost only ~ 10 aircraft and ~ 10 helicopters for all the time.

    The real losses of Ukraine today (04/23/2022):
    ~26,000 killed, ~16,000 wounded, 141 aircraft, 110 helicopters, 538 unmanned aerial vehicles, 261 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,471 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 274 multiple rocket launchers, 1,075 field artillery and mortars, and 2,311 units special military vehicles.

  7. Russia does not wage war with Ukraine, conducts with Anglo-Saxon colonialism. You can divide your countries how many times you want, but USSR leave alone, USSR will find the solution somehow without you, this our internal affair. KKK

  8. I feel sorry for this man. Why do some men desperately try to hold on to what is left of their hair on top of the head? Just cut it ALL off! It looks silly and actually brings more attention the hair loss. Lol

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