More than 7.7 million internally displaced in Ukraine | DW News

More than 7.7 million internally displaced in Ukraine | DW News

The UN says there are 7.7 million domestically displaced people. Aid groups are trying to help those who’ve fled their homes and those stuck in cities under siege, like Kharkiv. Its residents have suffered weeks of indiscriminate shelling.


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DW News

DW News


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  1. Germany is flawed in its support for Ukraine. No GAS, No OIL, and the “Butcher of Moscow” is done! It would take no longer than 3 to 4 weeks for Russia to run out of all the things to survive with. Olaf Scholz strikes me as a weak character with too many pathetic excuses! Ukrainians are proud strong people and are making a historical stand against totalitarianism! We do not have weeks, months, or years to end this horrible war. Germans are a disappointing nation that we are learning now; money is more important than life! Pepsee

  2. How can Mariupol be called a victory by the "Butcher of Moscow" this is sheer brutal terror, at least well over 20,000 people were killed and so far, he has committed 7000 war crimes in just 3 months, which is not acceptable! This is so sickening, Russian soldiers are part of the Butcher regime, in fact, they are not trained as soldiers they are trained killers including killing innocent civilians! Mariupol must remain Ukraine, period, Pepsee

  3. Germany continues funds Putins war! NATO should kick Germany out of the NATO association and hold Olafs government complicit in undermining all the efforts of the countries that are HELPING Ukraine's efforts

  4. Western Europeans — who pay Putin $1B a day for his gas and oil — more or less crossed their arms on their chests & just watch the Ukrainian people, THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS, being flatten back to the Stone Age and just say, "We don't want to anger President Putin any more than necessary." It's such a bizarre world we live in, in the Age of Trump & Putin.

    Okay, that's not entirely true. SOME European nations donated their WWII/Soviet era, Soviet made weapons to Ukraine. But, really?

    You just gonna donate Soviet era weapons to your next door neighbors and watch them being slaughtered by the many, many thousands —- women, children, the elderly — with over half of Ukraine's towns and cities… being bombed back to the Stone Age and DO NOTHING.. say you can't do anything?

    How about STOP giving Putin $1B a day for his gas and oil?

    Surely, if Ukraine can be bombarded back to the Stone Age, in terms of its infrastructure — willing to suffer that much, in order to DEFEND DEMOCRACY, in order to live IN EUROPE, like other sovereign people and nations —- you Western Europeans could suffer a few degrees of temperature fluctuations, by NOT using maximum Russian gas and oil!

  5. Isn't it fascinating, that Russia is still delivering gas to Ukraine and Ukraine is still delivering Russian gas to Europe through its Ukrainian Pipline?
    And isn't it even more fascinating that a highly explosive gas pipeline in the middle of a hot war zone does not explode?
    Zelenski will give those 800 million dollars the USA sent, to Putin.

  6. They’re having goodies foodies for doing nothing..Zelensky wanted Ukrainian wanted to go his own way…!.even his ppl asking for mercy..hw can’t put aside his ego n arrogance.. jejeje

  7. Biden's team weakness foreign policy made the most dangerous world enemies in much better condition!
    – After Biden team rejected the 'no air fly zone' request and they did not deliver air defense missiles,  jets and Heavy artillery with a range of 40 miles to the Ukraine, Russian jets freely fly anywhere they like and drop their heavy bombs over innocents!
    The War criminals fired rockets even in Easter to kill Ukrainian civilians!
     – China signed an agreement with Solomon Islands to control ships and carry out logistical operations and stop and transit in the Solomon Islands according to its needs. Chinese security forces could  establish "social order" in these islands and also have the authority to protect the safety of Chinese employees and large projects!
    – April 20, during a telephone conversation of Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Feng with Lloyd Austin, he stressed that Taiwan is part of China and that the Chinese military will resolutely defend its sovereignty and territory!!

  8. How is that one deluded man can affect the entire world? Next is China, their leaders have little regard for human dignity and personal freedom, yet the world keeps feeding the dragon.

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