Is Europe trying to sway India away from Russia? | DW News

Is Europe trying to sway India away from Russia? | DW News

The European Union is desperate to boost ties with India and encourage New Delhi to reduce its links to Russia, its main arms supplier. Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Monday called on India to align itself closer with the European Union as New Delhi attempts to balance its ties with Moscow and the West. In a speech to the Raisina Dialogue, an annual conference held in Delhi, von der Leyen said a close relationship with the European Union was in the strategic interests of India.

She said India and the EU are “natural partners” who “thrive in a world of common rules and fair competition.” But von der Leyen warned that these values were threatened by Russia and China. “The reality is that the core principles that underpin peace and security across the world are at stake,” she said, going on to reference China and Russia’s “no limits” partnership signed shortly before the invasion of Ukraine. She said the war was affecting not just Europe, but also the Indo-Pacific, already visible through the rising cost of food and fertilizer. The Commission chief said it was in the interests of the EU for the Indo-Pacific to remain open and become more prosperous. Therefore, she said, the EU was deepening its engagement with partners in the region, including ASEAN. Von der Leyen criticized China’s “debt-trap diplomacy,” which critics say allows Beijing to take control of ports and vital infrastructure. Instead, she advocated for the EU’s Global Gateway program, which aims to invest €300 billion in partner countries. She said India could particularly benefit from this fund in the realm of climate change and energy production, and digital technology.


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  1. EU, US, UK … ie the West are trying their best to divide n conquer China, India and Russia. The western media propoganda machine may well be acheving their objectives. China, India n Russia (CIR) who are neighbours to each other, should resolve their diffrences and work together to achieve their common objectives. They should band together and lead Asia to greater peace, properity and security. The West dont want this. Remember, the West were the colonist, imperialist and has been trying to control the world for a very long time now. The west started all the world wars due to their greed and may be the one to start nuclear war in the future. CIR should band together. Someone should take a lead, either Putin, or Modi, or Jinping or maybe SEA powerhouse, Indonesia's Jokowi.

  2. India needs Russia for the maintenance and up-gradation of billions of dollars of weapons purchased from them. So, India will not condemn Russia but will not support them either.

  3. It doesn't matter. Given the length of time it takes the U.S.E.R. to decide anything, the Russian conflict will be over and everyone will want to be friends again.

  4. Gandi was not our independence hero ,he was one of best oppressors , opressors of revolutions, Hijacker of freedom struggle , delayed indian independence and was a high level British servent.

  5. It is fact that world can't afford to corner & isolate russia. India is providing buffer zone between both side and stoping world to be a polar (another world war) & trying to introduce multi polar world order. So pls don't disturb india & other neutral countries it is good for humanity. Always remember that ukraine war is negligible as compared to neuclear world war.

  6. First time I am unhappy with DW news. India has never been an ally of China. Infact China is thr primary rival of India. And Russia is our time and tested friend. We are not supporting their attack but we will never abandon a friend like Russia who supported us when so called powers like USA and UK were backstabbing India..

  7. The European countries are behaving like personal keeps of the MIGHTY GLOBAL SUPERPOWER USA & the only nation to use atomic weapons on civilians in WW2,the great USA is willing to fight against the Russians to the last Ukranian!
    Funny part is that to set it's geopolitical ambitions & rivalry straight,USA alongside it's NATO buddies kept on egging Russia & now when the Bear is tearing down a new hole in EUROPE'S @$$,the peace loving,developed,civilized,BLUE EYED,BLONDE HAIRED Europeans are crying fowl,seethe & cope scoundrels.

  8. Lmao you guys ain't smart enough for that. West has always been a double standard joke and every country knows that. We ain't gonna ditch Russia because your pretty looking leader came and praised our democracy and put some deals on the table. You have no clue how deep Indo -Russia ties goes.

  9. India was the pioneer of the Non Aligned Movement. As conveyed so many times, India will side with what is right for her people.
    Russia used its Veto number of times at the UNSC including the time when Nixon and his stooge Kissinger were helping Pakistan, the butcher of Bangladesh, preside over the genocide of Bangladeshis.
    Where was the EU when India and China clashed at its Himalayan borders?
    India will follow the principles of, the great war strategist and economist, Chanakya, to look after the interests of its people.

  10. Anyone who has watched Star Wars would know that only evil Sith Lords deals in absolutes…

    Either you are with us or against us… west kinda sound like bunch of siths in this conflict….

  11. for USA , investing in China even a single Penney is like funding war against Taiwan , funding communism , funding to weaken democracy. USA,EU AND OTHER NATIONS SHOULD Understand this and help india. XI JInping and China is even bigger threat than Putin and Russia

  12. dealt with India trying to topple its government after independence as well as colonial days how India suffered humiliation from the British and how Russia stood by India to break the UK and American blockade. Since than India and Russia has had very close relations culminating in India buying S400 missiles and other hardware from Russia. I can understand India's reluctance to trust the west, India also understands that Russia-China alliance is much stronger than Russia-India alliance with China's relationship with Russia growing stronger as sanctions isolate it from the international community. The balancing act is can India have strong ties with Russia and still keep China at its door steps from invading and taking and occupying Indian territory and will Russia still support India in the event of China-India war. One can predict already the China is far more important to Russia than India so it may very well be that Russia end up supporting China instead. This is like a love triangle in where only one relationship will survive.

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