US: Over 1 million have died of Covid, 40% were diabetics | COVID-19 Special

US: Over 1 million have died of Covid, 40% were diabetics | COVID-19 Special

For many countries the pandemic seems to be over, no pandemic regulations and life has gone back to “normal”. China’s zero-Covid policy on the other hand has left whole cities under strict lockdown, millions are stuck at home. In other parts of the world, like the US, at-risk groups are fearing for their lives. Almost 40% of Covid casualties were diabetics. In UK, the pregnant are advised to get the immunization shot.


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  1. We can't beat nature, as sad as it is nature is always at play. I got 3 and haven't gotten sick yet, if you don't want it then that's your choice.

  2. My mother in law kept coming round and not paying attention to things. She gave us the most recent covid. My blood sugars crashed so bad i felt like i had to eat 5 meals a day, my toe nails nearly fell off, it felt like my heart valves all clogged up with candida and i cant feel my feet now. It definitely messed something up to do with blood sugar, im very thankful im not seriously diabetic or i dont think id be here. I hope they find ways to combat this.

  3. The rest of the world is done and over COVID. The fact that it came from China and there government is now starting to implement stricter rules and regulations about covid kinda has me thinking that they know something else about covid that the rest of the world hasn't found out yet. And if not then why would they be wasting all there time money and effort all of a sudden in order to stop it??? They weren't going this hard on it in the beginning so why all of a sudden?

  4. 70% were obese in the US. Almost like actually healthy lifestyle keeps you in low risk for death from illness. However we cannot say this because that would be fatphobic

  5. America has an around 40% of diabetes. If covid death with the same rate, it doesn't mean that diabetes has a positive connection with covid.

  6. Growing up here in the US, we were taught the "Standard Breakfast" which was a big bowl of sugary/starchy breakfast cereal, if the cereal wasn't glazed with sugar you were to put a tablespoon or two of table sugar on it. This was accompanied by fruit, toast, a glass of milk (in addition to the milk on the cereal I think) and an equally big glass of orange juice and Europeans take note here: American orange juice is very strong and syrupy.

    So the idea is to get kids used to a diet based on sugar and carbohydrates early-on. Also it's really pushed here in the USA that kids hate vegetables. This is not true, at least not in my case, veggies are awesome. But there's so much said about kids (and adults) hating vegetables that it's really common to eat a week of meals with only a few servings of veggies over the whole week. Sugar and carbs are king.

  7. Diabetes was said to be a risk factor. Being obese an even greater risk factor but none of this is relevant except as a cautionary warning of the risk factors. Every unnecessary death is tragic regardless of comorbidities. A fact the far right played silly games with.

  8. So according to DW if you are diabetic you are not allowed to live?

    This video is a dumb and sad continuation of downplaying habits of the media.

    You should be banned for spreading misinformation.

  9. Here in America we pay out the nose for insulin and doctors don't believe in long haulers. They don't even respond when you tell them symptoms. Blood work comes out okay and they send you away.

  10. How can these media giants lie so easily to the public without any repercussion. The overall treatment that doctors used to treat covid…Killed people as well as shut down their body organs from the mass amounts of opiates to keep them in a coma and ventilated. Fixed your miss information

  11. I can't believe DW won't report this.

    This is how majority of Covid-19 patients died. The Western media won't show us this beside the endless distractions.

    This is why China try to avoid with the lock down.

    "Forcing my COVID patients to die alone is inhumane — and unnecessary

    We're approaching 1 million U.S. deaths from COVID-19, but the numbers can't capture how these deaths occur: alone. Patients take their last breaths amid the alarms of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), without their families.

    Despite a dizzying pace of policy change to keep society going, policies condemning COVID-19 patients to die alone have not changed."

    Article date 3-7-22

    I can't put the article link here. You can find it by typing on search "How many Covid-19 patients dies alone".

    Look for title call
    Forcing my COVID patients to die alone is inhumane — and unnecessary.

  12. The Pfizer product would need a long disclaimer if advertised on TV. About 30 minutes to read off the 1200 side effects … and a warning it does not prevent Covid. Bill Gates caught Covid and said it’s “mild”.

  13. Firstly THUMBS DOWN for all the ads people are being forced to watch.
    Yes, Nigeria came out relatively unscathed but Nigeria also did only very few tests.

  14. Type II diabetes is preventable: never eat sugar or processed foods (high in sugar), and limit carbohydrates to one serving per meal (3 meals per day). Sugar meets the definition for a toxin! Keeping active is important too, as is weight management.

  15. there are three forms of diabetes: 1. genetically triggered insulin deficiency 2 dietary and stress induced metabolic syndrome and 3. medical – a damaged pancreas or pregnancy/gestational triggered pancreas response. – in all three forms of diabetes can dampen the immune system performance and make it easier for a Covid19 infection to progress. Dietary triggered metabolic syndrome is the most common form of diabetes in the USA – Sadly current standard AMA USA medical treatments for T2D only mask the damage caused metabolism syndrome and does not address the causes … so even with standard treatment T2D in the USA are more at risk.

  16. Over here, if all goes according to their plans, the doctors, nurses, anyone that had anything to do with delivering a baby at 30 weeks, could be prosecuted for various crimes, including endangering the life of the child..

  17. Ageing demographic more 38 year olds than children, in the next 20 years if current trends carry on this will change to 50 . There will not be enough people to look after and support our aging population. How to tackle this problem. In a age where top elites think our planet is over populated and we will be heading towards a more AI manufacturing and service. Eliminating the use of human paid labour. And making it difficult to have children financially and deinsentivising this certainly will negate birthrate. What to do with our burden of old age , this is where COVID comes in it targets the weak and inferm .

  18. I have taken my Pfizer vaccines. Pandemic over. But now after 120 days. I am suffering the after effect : diabetes, skin disease and ageing fast. My mother in law not wheel chair bound 30 days after booster jab. Couldn't walk and now under dialysis 3 times a week.

  19. I still can’t stop thanking and recommending Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural supplements which I got from him after I contacted him on his YouTube channel.