'Our aim is not regime change' | Conflict Zone

'Our aim is not regime change' | Conflict Zone

Since the war in Ukraine began, Germany’s controversial links to Russia have been in the spotlight. Has Germany learned from the big mistakes of the past? And can there be normalization between Europe and Russia while Vladimir Putin remains in power?

In this week’s Conflict Zone, host Tim Sebastian talks to Ralf Stegner, a member of the German Parliament for the Social Democrats.
“We cannot talk about lifting any sanctions or coming back to economic normality before this war stops and Putin puts his troops back, there’s no doubt about this,” Stegner said.

Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle’s top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Sarah Kelly are face to face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.

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  1. Sorry to day…. but these Europeans and USA just have one goal in mind. That is a military offense and co flict with Russia.

    This is not the correct way of solving the problem. Providing military weapons to Ukraine just escalate the tensions. This will eventually push Russia to the use of nuclear arsenal.

  2. Russia said that Ukraine is not a real country and does not exist. Diplomacy does not work with a liar. Putin has no empathy for the deaths and destruction he has caused. He hates Ukraine, NATO, and the EU. Never trust a Russian as they don't trust themselves, Bismarck.

  3. Maybe America and others takes advantage of the situation
    American tax dollars feeding Ukraine with weapons that need to be repaid to the industrial military complex and the few elites that benefits from wars

  4. Simple. Germany and the rest thought that Putin was angry and just blowing off steam but he wouldn't attack Parts of Ukraine from the eastern region which they occupied since 2014.

  5. The Germany was warned not by the Americans, Germany was warned by Trump, FIVE YEARS AGO. Stegner speaks in classic Teutonic contradiction: "Germany made a mistake but there were good reasons." His "good"reasons were short sided reasons that led to the mistake of depending on the Russians for energy.

  6. Germany did not got Russia wrong, Germany get America wrong! This war is product of America interference in Ukraine, from regime change until know.

  7. sanctions will cause putin to be removed. the people of russia had 20 better years out of 30 . now it will be shown none of that 20 years was because of putin and his gang. they will get rid of him.victory also ends war.

  8. i do agree with this guy . we do have too deal with nations not using democracy. heck we here in the u s a let trump into office the first time after he got almost 3 million fewer votes . not very democracy like. all systems are subjective to a point .that poing is invading peaceful nations the stone needs to be thrown . we get we blew it with the bush wars. the people here did not want those ward. we where forced and tricked into going down the yellow cake road. we the people did not want it . think the jan 6th mad max rerun was a big deal. in the 1060,s there where two anti war protests with over half a million people each. it did not stop the nixon war in viet nam. the war not funded did. so sanctions will work. it takes them having the time too work.

  9. no total population ever wants war. i think germany did not want any part of any war . as for polls its the result of jump on the band wagon popular opinion .the german people should be forgiven ww2. after all the most votes the fascists ever got was never more then 36% when there were free elections. after that they only had one party . wanting to not take part in a war is a good thing.

  10. He forgets that Germany got pulled out of the rubble pile it brought upon itself after the war, and that's why Germans today do not live in a howling wasteland. He should be the first to support the rebuilding of Ukraine….a country Germany once invaded and devastated too. Slippery politician, way too ready to take the self-interested, easy way out. He's afraid of Russia.

  11. In short. The PR of the UK and France governments is better, especially to their own public. And the press in some countries is picking on Germany for no good reason. On the contrary germany supports Ukraine for years already more than anybody and is currently no 3 in delivering weapons to Ukraine not far behind UK.

  12. The interviewer is little more than a belligerent stirrer. It is a pity he is not as intelligent and thoughtful as Mr Stengler. It is a pity Mr Stanley was not advising Ukraine, and his advice being followed.

  13. Wow first time I see Mr Tim Sebastian stumbling that much … this German politician is a good public speaker and handle his emotions pretty good. All the answers of the interviewee made us think a lot. War is no good in any way ( only to line the pockets of weapons manufacturers), there is no excuse to promote conflict ☮️

  14. When NATO killed Khadafi. What did they do with their resources? I didn't see you trying to question about the well being of the people. Shame to double standard!!!!

  15. How does a man like this remain in the German government. He is to old and not realistic, and a huge fence sitter. I thought German people vote for more with it politicians.

  16. President Trump told Germany buying Russian oil and gas was very troubling because they want America to protect them from the country they are making richer. Who laughing now. Trump was right again!!!!!!!!

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