Finland to roll back decades of military non-alignment — what's to come? | DW News

Finland to roll back decades of military non-alignment — what's to come? | DW News

Finland’s president and prime minister have called for the country to apply for NATO membership as soon as possible.

In a joint statement, Sauli Niinisto and Sanna Marin said: “NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security. As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defence alliance. Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay”.

It’s the first step in a process that could see Finland roll back decades of military non-alignment.
The announcement is expected to put pressure on Sweden, which is also considering applying to join the western military defence alliance. Finland shares a 1300 kilometre border with Russia. The mood in Finland has changed dramatically since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.


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  1. Why Finland needs to ask Putin to join Nato is that Putin is the father of Finland What has a lot of problems if the country wants to join NATO? Putin will kill all they? we're all under Putin's control, we owe everything to Putin?

  2. Europe will never be in peace as long as nato exist and are headed by donkeys and clowns wanting to please their american masters, finland and nato will bring more tensions in europe and since they really want to go to war theyll have it i guess and europe will be destroyed and america will be very happy.

  3. Finland's attempt to join NATO would be a violation of the 1947 peace treaty. This means that Finland is going to declare war on Russia.

  4. Good job Finland, don't let any other countries tell you what to do. First and foremost protect your country and your people.

    Putin started this war and it has back fired and humiliating for himself- as the saying goes "live by the sword, die by the sword"!!..

  5. A good decision by Finland. What concerns me as a New Zealander (on the other side of the world )is that From the time he became president , Putin showed that he was very corrupt , had no concept of democracy,, and was a text book sociopath , so why did it take so long for Western Europe to finally find this out. The answer is simple, corruption, self interest and stupidity. Sociopaths don't change ,they just get emboldened by others weakness. Donald Trump is another example of a sociopath ,with the difference being that Trump ,while a con artist has not got Putin's intelligence.

  6. That is true, the ruthlessness of the Russian army is what has got the world to unite behind Ukraine. That was a grave tactical mistake from Putin's side.

  7. I genuinely hope this ultimately allows peace to prevail. I don't want nato to signal war, but rather that most of humanity can find peace together and make a world where we can live with each other and respect cultures and history of all types of people

  8. I would like to know how every time Europe starts a fight America has to end it. Europe needs to get it together, your conflicts cost the American taxpayers and afterwards we get nothing. It's time the American taxpayers stop paying for Europe's mistakes.

  9. So Russia makes countries feel insecure. Insecure feeling countries act to make themselves feel more secure. Russia responds by trying to make them feel even more insecure. I must be drunk. Russia is making no sense to me. Does Russia think there is some sort of 'deer in headlights' level of fear he can put a country in where they no longer can try to figure out what is best for them and they'll just freeze in place?

  10. It's all a façade. In real terms, Sweden and Finland already belong to mechanisms that amount to been NATO members. Finland belongs to the EU, just like the Baltic Republics and Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary. If one of those countries is attacked, the EU would act to defend them, Finland included, and it's hard to imagine the US or the UK would not intervene. Sweden doesn't belong to NATO or to the EU but since many years they make joint military exercises with NATO and they have some form of "association" with NATO which doesn't come far from being a NATO member. We are talking formalities here. Just like it's a formality saying that Switzerland does not belong to the EU (notwithstanding the 100 and more treaties it has with the EU) or Denmark does not belong to the Eurozone, when in fact it is keeping its exchange rate with the Euro in an extremely tight range since when the Euro was created. This happens because the government of Sweden and Finland have, wisely, decided many years ago that they belong to NATO but did not want to stir the public opinion by making a formal move. It's a "de facto" situation that is becoming a "de jure" situation, nothing more than that. Formally joining NATO is useful because it's a slap on Putin's face but, in real terms, Finland and Sweden already belong to a mechanism of mutual defence with Europe and the US. Moving NATO troups along the NATO border with Russia would also be useful as it doesn't allow Russia to concentrate additional forces on Ukraine.

  11. Fin's are serious with their military training and being prepared for war, not mentioning they are fierce and persistent warrior and basically protectors of the Scandinavia. Putin's FAIL of invading Ukraine made them to decide where they want to belong and obviously it isn't good for Russia… the goal of weakening NATO ended up with completely opposite result.

  12. 1) Putin is surprised that Finland is joining NATO.
    2) Putin started a war with the Ukraine.
    3) Putin doesn't see that he is a puppet and is going to be the fall guy for this war.
    4) Putin obviously doesn't know how to run a war.
    5) Putin is destroying the Russian economy.
    6) Putin believes that nuclear saber rattling is going to work in enslaving a people.
    7) How dumb can a world leader and his puppeteers be or does his puppeteers want to get rid of him?

  13. – Finland and Sweden , dont let Russia threaten you and hold a gun to your head so stay in some sort of abusive relationship ! I hope you get in NATO and away from this crazy Putin child killing , psycho… Welcome Family ✊

  14. Finland and Sweden are being encouraged by warmonger strategists or counter strategists to join NATO with political and military means that will eventually create instability and nuclear war in Europe and the downfalls of allies and opponents!!!
    Joining NATO would turn Finland and Sweden into war zones one day or other and that would lead to WW III a massive setback to Europe and other parts of the world.
    There are only loosers in a nuke war, far more atrocious than that suffered by Japanese in WWII.
    The new world powers may be in ASIA.
    China and N Korea have both quarantined for months several cities for covid causes or others reasons related to possible WW??

  15. Thank you for admitting it. Thank you so much, brothers and sisters in Finland. Let us go forward with getting you in NATO. Full membership is what I wish for you with all my heart.

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