How rising oil prices push up living costs around the world | DW News

How rising oil prices push up living costs around the world | DW News

Record prices at the pump and in supermarkets, record profits by oil majors: Global oil markets are tighter than ever as economic demand returns around much of the world but the war in Ukraine tightens supply. Now, with an embargo of Russian oil on the horizon, prices stand to rise even higher. What can consumers do?


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  1. Corporations worldwide really need to start being more sensitive to the buying power of middle/low income families. Unfortunately, governments worldwide, have failed their citizens in properly, fairly, regulating corporate excesses.

  2. Today, whether it is China or the United States, it is not because of hatred, it's because of social injustice! That led to the occurrence of antisocial events! in China it's people driving car crash innocent people in US it's people shooting innocent people!

  3. Oil has been higher yet the price at the pump was lower. Oil companies are trying to make back the revenue they lost during the pandemic. The war in Ukraine and moving away from Russian oil are red herrings.

  4. I can sanction Venezuela without a legitimate reason. How can I sanction russia, create a reason by provoking Russia. Now I can sanction russia also I can buy weapons from military industrial complex with tax payers money to get kickbacks. Get kickbacks from Arabs for making oil expensive again.

  5. I live in Nova Scotia Canada on the island of Cape Breton… things are so expensive here I don't know how we will get by the coming winter… something has to change very soon …or were going to be in a depression

  6. Ok, just dont sanction Russian oil then if you dont want oil price to rise. The rest of the world suffered for unilateral sanction by the West.

  7. It is a big deal in other countries when prices rise, they have laws that keep them from doing that. So to us everything goes up and we just deal with it instead of throwing tea into the harbor. We lost everything that made us American rebels that fight for this place against the ESTABLISHMENT. The ones who keep making the prices go up day after day. It never stops. Our min wage here just so u all know is $7.25. That has not went up in YEARS! There needs to be a formula that don't let them price hike when our wages are stagnated. This is a rallying cry! Please people we have to do something, this can NOT stand! Should we all go down to the Harbor?