Ukraine rules out cease-fire as Donbas attacks intensify | DW News

Ukraine rules out cease-fire as Donbas attacks intensify | DW News

Ukraine’s government has repeated it will not accept any cease-fire that would require giving up territory to Moscow. Nevertheless, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stressed that only a diplomatic solution will bring a definitive end to the conflict.

On the battlefield, Russia’s offensive to capture the Donbas grinds on, with shelling continuing along the front line. Russian forces have intensified their efforts to surround Severodonetsk, the main city still held by Ukraine in the Luhansk province.

The war in Ukraine is also likely to dominate the agenda of the World Economic Forum getting underway in Davos, Switzerland. This year there will be no Russian delegation. And in another snub, a Ukrainian businessman is using Moscow’s former residence in Davos to stage an exhibition on reported Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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  1. You are right Mr. Volodymyr. But other people in your government do not want to fight. Just leave them and you go to a Pacific island and enjoy life. Let the rest of the government fight and die. They are so brave because poor soldiers are dying for them.

  2. Keep lieing and fabricating your pre-made videos and trust me nobody cares about your western media and corrupted politicians. Russia will f*** all those who try to poke them and they have shown by its "special operation"in Ukrain

  3. Kissinger has already advised Israel once to sign a peace treaty with the Arab aggressors during the Yom Kippur War so that nothing would remain of Israel.
    Kissinger lost all the 70s to the USSR and the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1980.
    Kissinger is a friend of Putin indeed, but Ukraine needs modern multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), the Patriots, and aircrafts to help blunt Russia's Donbas offensive instead.

  4. Blah blah blah all talk no action good job Canada USA and other countries were standing by oxy they don't want to get involved but yet they will give weapons in Aid to them openly as much as I want my country Canada to come to their aid I know they won't Canada is corrupt these are taken lands as well

  5. These journalists are either living on another planet or profound liars. Washington and Britain have been doing all in our power to sponsor terrorism in Ukraine with NATO arms supply and bandit recruitment since 2014, block Minsk II continually make it impossible for Russia to end our interference, and begging for a war to start. On 18 Feb before Russia entered, we raised our violence in Donetsk, which has been going largely unreported since 2014, by a factor of of 30 with NATO adamant to Donetsk flattened, so as to be non-autonomous and under fascist control. Russia lost patience and is now removing our terrorism using force after Minsk II was made impossible by us. Why do we place a hostile military alliance around every border of Russia despite it continually asking us to leave? Imagine what what would happen if a Mexico (or Scotland) joined to a military alliance with China/Iraq/India/Iran and arranged missiles on the border of US (or England) all pointing at us ourselves enemy. We cannot even imagine it but our response would be far less patient.

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