Role of western intelligence under scrutiny, scale of release 'unprecedented' | DW News

Role of western intelligence under scrutiny, scale of release 'unprecedented' | DW News

The United States and its NATO allies have stated publicly that they’re providing Ukraine with satellite images, intercepting Russian communications and helping to defend Ukraine from Russian cyber-attacks. But leaks and statements from within the US intelligence community are now claiming even closer involvement – like with the sinking of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva. The ship was struck by Ukrainian missiles, but there are reports the US provided information about its location.

This month the New York Times reported that the US had provided intelligence that helped Ukraine kill several Russian generals on the front lines.

00:00 Scale of intelligence release ‘unprecedented’
00:40 Dmitri Alperovitch, cyber-policy and security expert
03:37 Russian oligarch’s assets to rebuild Ukraine?

The EU Commission is moving to confiscate and sell — rather than simply freeze — the assets of Russian oligarchs. According to the EU, Russian assets worth 10 billion euros have already been frozen. Many in Brussels now say the money gained by confiscating the assets could be used to help rebuild Ukraine. But, some EU members – like Germany – are sceptical.


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  1. If the US knew Putin was going to invade Ukraine, why didn't they (and NATO) start arming Ukraine way right back then? If they had done that, Ukraine would not have been in this horrible situation today… At the rate of Russian advance now, the entire country of Ukraine would soon become the world's largest graveyard.

  2. Germany should adapt its 'private asset law' with special conditions, as 'invading a sovereign country' is also unprecedented that led to a demand in swift novel actions. With special investigation it shouldn't be to difficult to reveal good oligarch vs bad cleptocrat; just hand international assets over to Ukraine with an embargo 'guilty till unproven', to be fought in Ukraine jurisdiction, perhaps it could result in surprising war recovery….

  3. I would not under rate the Ukrainian ability to generate real time intelligence. I saw a map with the location of every Russian SIMs card in the Ukraine. The Ukrainians are listening to every phone call (2,3,4 and 5G networks). Phones in occupied territory can also call and send in real time photos of whats on the ground and get exact geo locations. Both sides are using Chinese drones that use the same frequencies and geo location info. And prisoners often provide critical information.

  4. Russia destroyed property in Ukraine they should pay to rebuilding the Country and I don’t see what is so difficult to understand about that destruction of people property means you pay for the destruction of your deeds, now if that means you have to loose all Russia access so be it and next time you will not destroy people property again eye’s for an eyes the biblical said so.

  5. J'ai une deux à ajouter, on cache mes connaissances, mon niveau d'instruction, ma catégorie. On peut dire que ils ne peuvent me détester mais dire que je suis pas rentable non.

  6. Biden is not playing with a full deck . He should be the diplomat trying to bring piece to Ukraine and Russia instead of a dipstick fanning the flames of War.

  7. So did most of the world add two and two and come up with four! This time.? So is that not the CIAs job for once in their life to get ahead of the wave!!!

  8. What age are we? And it is this that the creatures of the Earth call "developed"? Is this what they call sophisticated? There things called "smart phones" that seems to be smarter than those who use them. It is all good but let's be truthful, this planes has very little Humans but many many beasts with fire arms pretending to be Humans decieving all the inhabitants of the Planet. This is not a HUMAN society and culture this is PLAIN BESTIALITY, BEASTS WITH WEAPONS, SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Beasts are good, but DO NOT give them fire arms, power nor money or this is the result.

  9. Lots of you will not like what I'll say… To confiscate private property is bad, very bad to anybody interested in (so called) "free society". Make no mistakes, we are changing laws and constitution statements to accommodate private assets based on political connections. Yes, this war is painful and scary to watch, but it's not illegal to be a russian oligarch. What we are watching right in front of us is the take over of a small group of EU/UN global oligarchs and the creation of the European totalitarian government. That's super, super bad.

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