Russia tightens grip on Ukraine's Donbas Region | DW News

Russia tightens grip on Ukraine's Donbas Region | DW News

Moscow has set it sights on gaining control of the Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland. Russian troops are attempting to encircle Ukrainian forces by seizing key highways in the region.

Ukraine says 50 towns in the region came under shelling Thursday, which killed at least 9 people. With Russian troops gaining ground, residents here see no escape in sight.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is frustrated that the European Union has struggled to reach a consensus on its latest sanctions against Russia.

“How many more weeks will the European Union try to agree on a sixth package?” Zelenskyy said during a late-night address.

Ukrainian authorities there are facing a massive undertaking in investigating crimes committed by Russian soldiers. More than 13.000 cases of crimes against civilians, including the murder, rape and torture are being investigated. In the Kyiv region even months after the occupation, new crimes are discovered every day.


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  1. People in the west now see how unprovoked and selfish wars can bring especially now that its closer to their borders, US aided operations should reduce and at least favour a bloodless revolution

  2. asking for support cannot win war over Russia, all we need is talk and stop all the ego and pride. civilian are the main enemy , don't be fool that you can win over Russia, at the point russia wouldnt turn back bcos west has already sanction, nothing to lost for russia anymore.

  3. Putin is monster but don't forget what did the Ukrainian army in 2014 agest russian speaking people in Ukraine in war every one thing's im right but every body dies sorry about bad English

  4. This demented clown Zelensky, has almost totally destroyed a beautiful country and peoples!!. Ukraine will be no more!, but the demented clown along with his family,loved ones and even his closest cronies, will live on comfortably in England or even Miami Beach Florida!. And he will make movies in Hollywood, as you bury your dead in Ukraine and lament the former homeland!. That's what Zelensky, USA/NATO, have done for you Ukraine!!. You only have weeks left Ukraine!. To get rid of this US puppet Zelensky regime, before you suffer total and complete destruction and defeat by Russia!. Don't let this demented clown and the USA's own agenda's and interests, to totally destroy your homeland and people!!. Zivela svij Slavi narod.❤️⛪⚔️❤️.

  5. If Zelenski dies, the 3 boxings champs take over, if they pass, many more couragious folks fill the position. So nobit doesnt matter. Zelenski is President and doing what he suppose to do.

  6. There must be a limit to how much the Nato countries are able to help Ukraine .It cannot just continue for ever and a peace must be made restored and end the war.Zelinsky must understand that the war must end and he must give some of the provinces to the russians.

  7. Yea. Well guess what? The Ukraine will loose in the end. Guess your Government should have thought twice about allowing the U.S. to install over 2 dozen BioWarfare Labs on your soil right on Russia's doorstep huh?

  8. The very best of the Ukrainian military are located in the South & especially the Donbas region where the fighting is the fiercest. Ukraine is taking heavy losses in the Donbas. At this point, even the western mainstream media can't hide the truth. Kherson, Mariupol, Lyman, Severodonetsk, Luhansk are all under Russian control. More & more small towns are falling by the day. Calling this a disaster for Ukraine would be an understatement.

  9. Honestly I'm suprised Ukrain lasted this long i thought Russia was stronger military wise but they made so many mistakes early on now that Ukrain has US weapons they might hold

  10. Didn't those people had time to get out of there!? A lot of people stayed around till now, So now they want out.but they are being trapped with the Russians close by. Also, what bothers me is that if the US doesn't meet any type of demands from the Ukrainian President, then people will say that we let them down and didn't care. Not true, the US is doing the best to help as much as possible,just like the other NATO countries too.

  11. They just used them thermo weapons this morning 1st June in Dunbas the UK have deployed more troops 1 hr away to Estonia amd a check of alot of warriors chally 2s and 155mm howitzers! All ex KFOR vehicles with the Bae systems mpmg etc fairly kitted out they should move in now why wait any longer for the eniteble to happy! Russias used thermo weapons this morning on Dunbas all the weapons are there, the west arent moving in to Ukraine to the guys! The should as the transport rails are being targeted by Russia now who destroyed the last load of US and UK weapons!

  12. THERE ARE ENOUGH FACTORS FOR WW3 when many countries participated in supplying weapons for the war in Ukraine. Although the war is currently confined to eastern Ukraine, many countries have contributed by providing weapons, money, secret intelligence, soldiers…

    Who initiated this WW3?

    The United States initially built Ukraine into a hostile state to against Russia. Ukraine seeks to defy Russia persistently, and will block Russia's access to the Baltic Sea (an important strategic zone). Russia understands the military strategies of the U.S. Therefore, Russia launch a special military operation to break the encirclement on it. Next, the U.S and the countries that followed the U.S immediately attacked Russia in all aspects, especially the economy, tightening all of Russia's means of living. If Russia again uses a military campaign to break the siege of the US and EU, this war will spread very widely.

    Who initiated WW3?

  13. Zelenskyy is finished America laughs at him now he will run to his 32 million pound mansion this man is a criminal as much as America

  14. Civilian looking for dead if knew russian gonna attacking this area Civilian should leave as soon as possible now russian in your door step to late don't lisenning to your government if do u know u cant escape russian already here

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